Meredith College Top Questions

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The opportunities available not only when you are at Meredith, but the opportunities after you get a degree are a huge reason why I chose to attend. I visited three times, the campus was beautiful, and literally everyone I met was extremely helpful. The cost is a bit intimidating, but once I added up all of the benefits, I realized it was the perfect school for me.


My school has a student to teacher ratio of 16:1, which is really good for those like me who need more attention. The staff is great and everyone basically knows you by name. It's easier to connect with my professors and they always respond quickly. Meredith provides a great learning environment.


Small campus, all girls


My school is an all girls school. I think it helps some people focus on school work better, but NCSU is with in walking distance so we are not left out of the social life either.


The small class sizes at my school make it easier to learn.


Meredith College is a very beautiful, tight-knit campus that can better be described as a community rather than a college. Compared to other colleges and universities, Meredith campus is moderately sized with distinct borders and a simple layout. Proportionate to Meredith’s small campus is its class size. A typical class has approximately 20 – 30 students, which enables the student-teacher interaction to be much higher than it is at other colleges. The professors take time to learn all the students’ names and their interests; a method that I feel is needed for a better educational experience.


Meredith College is unique in the fact that we are a close-knit community. Meredith is very good about making sure the freshman students are adjusting to college life. This school is great becasue it is a private women's college and everyone is devoted to empowering women to accomplish their goals.


eco friendly, small


We are a small women's college. You will not go unoticed here. You are not a number, and every professor will know your name. It is a caring community that is hard to find on any other college campus.


Meredith is an all girls school and also has very small class sizes. The professors make sure to have a personal relationship with every student.


We have a small and welcoming campus that wants students to succeed. We, as students, are known by name and not by number.


Meredith College is a female liberal arts institute that ensures educational satisfaction to all its students. The small size creates a family-like social atmoshpere for all the students. Regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity, Meredith College makes sure its students feel right at home.


smaller classrooms and beautiful campus


M eredith College is a great school for students who want a home away from home.


My school is a private women's college located in the heart of Raleigh, NC. The class size is typically very small, and you tend to know the majority of people on campus. They have a strong focus on general education classes along with major-related classes in order to give the student a well-rounded education. Meredith requires it's students to have an internship in order to graduate, which betters the student when the time comes to look for a job after graduation.


it's an all girls school. It has a fashion merchandising program and they have really good career placement services.


Class sizes are extremely small for a college setting, which gives students more one-on-one time with their professors. The all-female environment is nurturing for women's issues and for building confidence.


It has a school spirit and pride that others dont have. Meredith is also focused on the career goals of women and focus on their needs as students.


Meredith College is like no other school I visited. It feels like home when you arrive on campus. It is a very friendly and welcoming community that emphasizes unity. There are many traditions that have been kept since 1891, when the college first opened. The professors are very personal, and they all learn each student's name no matter the class size. The campus is beautiful, and convientently close to everything. Meredith is not for everyone because it is an all women's college, but for females it is the best school for friendship, fun, and learning.


there is really small classes and it is easy to have one on one time with the professor


Small, and they really care about us students.


The class sizes are wonderful, due to the small class sizes


All girls, small, much like home, safe


It is all girls so there are less distractions and a closer sense of community. It is a small college so most people know each other.


its all girls school, and its not too big. so every one knows each other. the money that we pay in tution all goes to how good the professors are and the materials that we get!