Meredith College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


My biggest class was one of twenty-five students and I have one now with only one other student.


That is has the best education program in the state, so its a perfet fit for me since I want to be a teacher.


You can go to class in sweat pants and not have to worry about dressing up.


I brag about how it's an all girls school, but we all love it. I always brag about how we wake up five minutes before class and put on sweatpants and go to class because there is no one to impress. I also brag about the small class sizes and how the teachers know everyone by name.


That it's small, but it's SO big. Living in Raleigh is a new experience for me, so I'm still trying to get out and experience more. My classes are great, professors are quite involved.


I generally brag about the small class sizes and how friendly the professors are and how willing to help they are.


I am very impressed with Meredith Colleges interior design program has been great. The professors have experience in the field and are wonderful teachers. We are encouraged to find our own style and try new technology for designing interiors.


I brag most about the traditions that we have on campus such as the onyx class ring you are able to get when it is your junior year. I love the fact that these traditions create unity throughout the campus through all class ranks. I brag about the fact that I am sitting in classes as small as seven students and my professors know me by name whereas my friends are only a number in classes that exceed into the hundreds. I like that Meredith shows young women they are smart, independent individuals that can make a difference.


I brag about me being a person and not some number like other colleges. The advisors really care for their students and help me and others to succeed in school.


I tell my friends that it is a good school and it is a nice place because many things are included in tuitution. We receive laptops, our laundry is free, the food is not too bad, the campus is very safe, it is nice to wear sweats to class, and not have to wear make-up everywhere.


I brag about there not being any men on campus. It is wonderful because I can focus better on my school work than on a cute guy sitting next to me.


I am very proud that I attend Meredith College. I brag most about the relationships I have with other students and with my professors. The professors at Meredith genuinely care about each student. The women who attend the college are more than just a number. Professors are happy to meet with a student if she needs additional help or if the student just wants to talk. The students at Meredith are also very close. Everyone is friendly and genuinely cares about one another. I believe the friendships I have made at Meredith will last a lifetime.


Meredith has an amazing student body. Everyone is friendly and there is a sense of community that exists. The amount of diversity also adds to the Meredith Experience. The smaller student body allows one to know more people personally; one can also know what is happening within the student body.


It's harder than most other universities around (including UNC). If you go to Meredith and want to transfer to UNC, you're probably going to get in!!!!


the beauty of the campus


The small class size and the amazing friends I have made.


School Spirit


I brag most about the small classes and how great and helpful the professors are.


The classes are small, so there is a lot of homework but lots of indiviual attention. I feel that I am getting a wonderful quality education.