Meredith College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I really do not have anything to complain about. The people are great. The teachers and extreamly nice and the classes are small and you can get the extra help if you need.


The only worse thing about this school I can think of would be the money situation.This school is very expensive and I, myself, need a lot of financial aid to stay afloat. It has been hard getting financial aid and I will be covered for the year and than this past year there was three times just in Fall semester that we owed money and that was hard.


It is a strict, private, all girls school.


The worst thing about going to Meredith College is the abundance of goose poop.


We have a lot of squirrels on campus.




It really is a suitcase college. There are a few activites offered on the weekends here, but it more appealing to visit other campuses in the area like NSCU, UNC, or Duke.


To me there is nothing bad about Meredith College. I enjoy myself while I am here and enjoy my classes that I take.


The tuition is so expensive, I cannot possibly afford it. I am so worried about all the loans, I have had to take out for this $30,000 a year tuition!


Honestly, there is not much that is bad about Meredith College. If I had to choose something it would have to be the geese on campus. I know it seems trivial, but to a student who has to walk slowly around their droppings on the way to class it makes everything more difficult. Not only that, it takes away from the beauty of the rest of the campus. Having to look down to watch where I'm stepping does not allow me to look around and enjoy the rest of what the campus has to offer.




The food at my school is horrid. When I first arrived, the food was excellent, of course that wBut after the parents had gone, so was the tasty food. Now I'm left to eat wilted lettuce in my salad, dry chicken over a bed of half-cooked rice, and food that always seems to upset my stomach; not really my ideal college meal.


One of the worst things about Meredith College is that some people look at the students that are attending and assume that we attend only to get a degree and then have a family rather than a career. Honestly, these people are wrong most women at Meredith have plans for furthering their education and finding a career.


My school is an all girl school that doesnt have a football team.


Meredith College offers unique opportunities to all students, opportunities that are priceless; however, Meredith's tuition is not. Even though the Meredith experience is worth the money, the cost of attending Meredith is a burden to many families and is a source of constant worry for many students.


The worst thing about Meredith is the cost. It's been hard to stay here over the past two years because of the economic crisis and personal issues back home. The tuition price increases every year and it's hard to get enough financial aid to help keep me in school. As a sophomore here I expect to be very much in debt by the time I graduate because it has required so many loans to stay here. Meredith is the school of my dreams, and it is hard not knowing if I will be spending my next year here.


My school is an all women's college, I believe to truly gain the college experience you need a coed environment.


It is an all girl's school so there are certain hours that boys are allowed to be on campus. I dont like the hours set out for boys to be there. My boyfriend doesn't go to school near me and I always have to go visit him because he is not allowed to stay over night at my school. Its a pain.


The tutition. The price I pay for my tutition isn't worth the education.


The Financial Aid office isn't as generous as you think. Don't let them fool you.


the value of the dorms because we pay SO much and they break all the time and are crappy




It is too conservative with its alcohol and boy restrictions. Allowing our campus rules to match those of male counterpart schools would be progressive and fair.


There are not alot of activities on the weekend.