Meredith College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Primarily students who are recent high school graduates who do not have a families and/or a full time job.


Someone who wants to attend Meredith College should be someone who wants to be in an invovled community. They should want to be in a small, family like community. It should be a person who wants to have a relationship with their professors, and all of the people in their classes.


To attend Meredith you have to be kind at heart and through your actions. You have to be driven to acheive something that will make a difference in other peoples lives as well as your own. You have to be ready for team building, bonding and friendly competition. You have to be someone who respects the honor code that Meredith holds in high regard. One who attends Meredith must be ready for the journey of a lifetime and lessons that will carry on past the classroom into everyday life.


someone who wants to receive the best education in the world


Typically, it's recommended that a potential student of Meredith College is female. All jokes aside, a Meredith woman should be willing to change the world and be interested in honing their leadership abilities. The low professor/student ratio allows for help when it's needed and mentorship from professionals in their respective fields.


If you want to go to an all girl school and have enough money to be able to afford the tuition, then I would say this school is definitely for you. It also has great classes and traditions.


Meredith College is a great place for girls to learn, grown, and blossom into intelligent young women. Someone who is hard-working, independent, and interestied in diversity would enjoy studying at Meredith College. Males dominate the classroom and cause distractions; ast Meredith, every woman has a voice and has an active role in the educational experience.


A young woman trying to focus on school in a friendly learning environment. She must like small class sizes and get involved on campus to fully enjoy her expereince at Meredith College.


Any woman that wants a close relationship with their professors and peers should definitely look into attending this college. A student that is more comfortable in small classroom settings with one on one interactions with the professor. It should be a student that is dedicated to attending class because most professors know all students by name and have strict attendance policies. A student that wants a strong campus connection with traditions that run deep throughout the school should definitely look into Meredith because tradition is a huge part of student living.


A young woman whose priorities are to succeed in academics and personal growth should attend Meredith College.


The right person for this college would be a woman who is strongly focused on academics and who comes from a predominately upper class family.


Anyone who wants to have a great environment while they learn and make life long friends. Meredith encourages their students to explore and see new views of the world. There are plenty of chances to figure out what career you want along with meeting the colleges requirements. You are never alone at Meredith, they is always someone who understands you.


Meredith is an excellent college for women who are dedicated to their studies. The school has a great reputation for strong academics and most of the women who attend the college are extremely dedicated to their school work. Not only do the women at the college enjoy learning, they also enjoy the many extracurricular activities the school provides. The women who are the happiest at Meredith are the ones who enjoy a small community and learn best in a small classroom. The close relationships women build with each other and with the professors at Meredith make the college experience great!


This is a women's only undergad school, so only women should attend. Meredith College looks for enthusiastic women that are school focused. The school also wants to make sure each student comes out of their school with a well-rounded cultural diversity that is accepting of all races and religions.


A woman with determination, and a woman that likes a small classroom setting. Meredith pushes it's students to open up to other cultures and experiences, so being open-minded is a really important quality.


People who really want to get involved. It's pretty much like a big sorority. Girls who are serious abotu school since it is hard academically.


Someone with goals in life would attend Meredith College. If you want to make something of your life, this is the place to be. Someone that likes small classroom settings with intelligent professors that care for each student would attend Meredith. Any female who wants to learn, and have fun doing it should come to Meredith. People who graduate from Meredith are successful and happy individuals that contribute to society in the most positive ways. Women who have attended Meredith leave with the best of friends that keep in touch for years to come. Meredith is a place for success.


A person who attends this school should be willing to deal with all the girls, because it is a womans college. This person should be into their studies and their education. My school strives to make successful students get a great job. Someone who attends Meredith College either loves it or hates it.


Ones that can afford to pay out of pocket 5,000 dollars and who likes to be around girls all the time and do not want to be in a sorroity and likes small groups of people.


Women who are striving to make the most of their education.