Meredith College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Meredith College?


Someone who shouldn't attend Meredith College would be someone who doesn't want to be involved in all of the Meredith campus activites, and someone who doesn't like small, family like communities. That person also shouldn't attend Meredith if they don't want a relationship with their professors.


Outgoing people used to a lot of activities and big campus living


The kind of person that shouldnt attend this school is someone that wants to be at a big school with sororities. This school is an all womens school and it has only up to about 30 girls in each of the classes.


Meredith is a small, tight-knit, multi-cultural community that is designed for women to learn about and develop their career goals. Men are welcome to take a few classes at Meredith, but they would not be able to attend full-time. Those who wish to experience a larger college campus that only emphasizes academics would not enjoy attending Meredith. Being a dry campus, Meredith does not allow the use of alcohol in the dorms, an issue that may be difficult for some. Meredith also emphasizes acceptance and diversity, an ideology that is not well-suited for all people.


The type of person who should not attend this school is one who is not interested in receiving an education and only wants to have fun. Meredith is very intent upon providing an education and having successful alumni. They encourage everyone to apply themselves and succeed.


To attend Meredith College, a student should be curious. She does not need to know who she is or what she wants to do with her life, but she should be interested in discovering herself with openness and honesty. If a student is not open to introspection or does not want to uncover ways to contribute, with integrity, to her community, she should not consider attending Meredith, as both of these circumstances are sure to unfold with her attendance.




Anyone who does not want a close-knit, very supportive environment should skip Meredith College! Also, anyone who wants a on-campus socially active weekend - most weekends, students go home or stay off-campus with friends.


Someone who is looking to party, have alot of fun and join farternities/ sororties


Anyone that prefers big cities, and wants more flexible class schedules and is geared toward the sciences should not choose this school.