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What's the hardest thing about freshman year?


The very First Quarter at Meredith manor is the hardest over your entire attendance. Its the hardest because you have no clue what to expect when you get there, your first 3 days of "classes" is an orientation schedule. It starts off much faster then a regular college within three days of orientation you will learn the layout of school, who are your teachers, how we clean our stalls at school, how the barns feed there horses, what we feed our horses. You have to figure out the times in which you can come and clean horses you are assigned, you also have to learn horses locations and names. It will be difficult at the beginning to transition into a routine but that is the key once you make it to you 3rd week of classes you have got a routine that you can follow and then it gets easier to accomplished. By week 12 you understand how things go so when you enter your second quarter you already know what to do you'll need a little help to understand what you do during the orientation schedule but it will be much more organized for you and you will understand more of whats going on.