Merrimack College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Merrimack College is my home away from home.


Merrimack College is the college making my dreams come true.


We are a small catholic college that prides itself with small class sizes and quality education. All staff are there to help you succeed, not only during your time at Merrimack, but in your life beyond it as well. Everyone is welcoming and friendly and wants to see you achieve your goals.


When you attend Merrimack College you feel like your a community.


Small community that is safe and and convienent.


Merrimack is a smaller liberal arts school with a strong emphasis on the business and engineering programs. The primary focus of the school is to give a well rounded education, strongly encouraging good ethics.


My school is a home-like atmosphere where academic integrity is highly valued. People at the school are friendly and the professors on campus do everything in their power to make sure every student's academic success is achieved. Merrimack College has a great reputation and even though it is costly to attend, it will all pay off in the end because everyone that graduates from this institution has a successful career.


It is a small campus where it is easy to make great friends while being able to get the extra help needed from professors because of the small class size.


Small suburban New England school with a Catholic background focused on building community and academically concentrated in business, science, and liberal arts.


Merrimack college is a small close knit community focused on helping everyone grow in terms of education as well as maturity.


It's a good sized school so you get to know everyone.