Merrimack College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Students that like to choose from a variety of classes as well as enjoy having smaller classes in order for the professor to individually know each of their students should attend Merrimack. It is not necessary to be religious to attend this college, but students that are willing to take two religion classes and further expand their knowledge on religion should attend Merrimack. Finally, students who like to have activities on their campus as well as school spirit with various clubs and sports should attend Merrimack. One looking for a well-rounded education inside and outside the classroom should attend.


This school is for an individual that is open minded and willing to look into themselves during their education not only to learn academically but also spiritually. This college is a catholic college and there are required religion courses that will surprise you and open your mind to the why certain religions think the way that they do and they are not really very different.


The type of person that should attend this school, is one that likes to be in rural areas. There's really not much going on and everything is all the same. So a person that does not like change would be a perfect fit for this school.


There are many types of people attending this school, so to give an example I will use myself. I am an individual looking to get as much out of my undergraduate program as possible to better prepare me for graduate school. Merrimack allows me to do this by working with me to organize my schedule to fit in all of my majors, even if it means allowing me to take directed studies on my own.


Someone who is focused academically, specifically in the fields of liberal arts and business and who comes from a Catholic background.


The kind of person that should attend Merrimack College, is a person who does not want to go to school at a large university, and learns better with personal and visual interaction. Merrimack College is also big on community service, and volunteering. In addition, Merrimack College has great science, engineering, and business programs. If a person is interested in those majors, I would highly reccommend this college. However, it's important to remember to be financially ready to invest your education at this school!