Merrimack College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


This school is all about involvement, spirit, and academics. We work really hard at this school, and someone who isn't a hard worker or someone who just wants to come to class and go home without socializing should not come here. We know how to balance work and our social lives. Every student here is working all week long to get the straight As that they want, and when we have down time, we all come together as a college to enjoy the community and family we've created with each other.


It's a school for anyone really, unless you want to go for Nursing because we don't have that


A student who wants to live in a cultured, urban environment should not attend Merrimack College, nor is Merrimack ideal for students who prefer large class sizes in which attendance rarely counts for anything.


Anyone who is intersted in a more personal college experience. That is focused on academics and is interested in a good coop program.


THe kind of person that is looking for a small religious school enviroment. If your not looking for large classes then Merrimack is your school. Everyone is friendly, and the professors are awesome. You will always have lasting friends:)


Someone who isn't able to stand up for themselves and those that aren't able to ignore other students who want to be rude and make comments to them at social events.


A Person that grew up in a large city and is not use to the small school, where everyone knows everyone. Also where the classes are very small and you walk anywhere in 10 minutes and see someone you know.


does not matter


Someone who wants a big school with alot of people.