Mesa Community College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


the most helpful school that i could have picked for my future career.


Mesa Community College has a fabulous Red Mountain campus which is located in a prime spot in Mesa for perfect for growing plenty of different species plants used for identification and out-of-the-classroom studies; and has many tools for classroom studies that many other community college do not have for anatomy and biology making it a perfect life sciences school to attend.


My school is very educational and rewarding.


MCC is a decently small community college. Credits from this school transfer pretty easily to the 3 in-state universities. It is a great way to save money while getting core class requirements out of the way! Everyone's pretty helpful and friendly, however some of their part-time teachers are not always the best. Still, you get a more individualized eduation than you would at large universities with large sized classes.


Mesa Community College is a wonderful, fun place for learning, with teachers who are incredibly passionate about the subject they teach and with students who go out of their way to befriend others.


Mesa Community College is a great school with highly-qualified and devoted staff that have always been eager to help me in pursuing my college degree.


Mesa Community College is where my future begins!


Mesa Community College has small classes and great teachers but the classes are pretty easy so if you want a challenge, community college might not be for you.


Work harder and dream big, go to school out of state to get away from the stress of both family and freinds get the best education, go to yale. life is tough so live it while you can and graduate.


MCC has been a wonderful experience for me so far, because of the combined online and on campus availability and the mix in ages and cultures that attend I don't feel uncomfortable attending even though I'm 55 years old.


MCC is a melting pot of students; there are people from all walks of life in a classroom together, learning from each other and teaching from their own personal experiences.


Mesa Community College has an outstanding Art Program I never even knew existed.


An effective and proffetional leaning environment.


The best way to describe Mesa Community College would be to say that it is an inexpensive stepping stone to ASU (Arizona State University).


Mesa Community College is a great place to take your first steps into the rest of your life!


My school is a very respectful and caring school that really cares about their students education and progress.


Mesa Community College is a cost efficient transitional school to attaining a four year degree where there are smaller class sizes and more flexibility for independent students who are working their way through college.


Mesa Community College will be the back bone and support throughout your entire education experince.


My school program in dental hygiene is intense and incredible.


The Students And staff or Faculty are very helpful in many ways.


I really enjoy Mesa Community It is a really big juco school but not big enough to not be noticed. I also play sports here at the college i run track and about to play football next season. Mesa is a great way to prepare for the next step a big university in many ways such as the classroom, sports, student life and others.