Mesa Community College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students at my school show that the United States is a melting pot. It has all types of people, attending school for many different degrees. I feel like any type of beginner student will feel free to attend Mesa Community College. Most students wear current styles and popular brands. If a student is not wearing current styles and popular brands they are wearing what they think is comfortable clothing, such as sweat pants or work out attire. Most of the students attending my college do not obtain a high income.


My classmates seem to be generally younger but helpful, nice and looking forward to better and brighter things.


in all my classes, I was considered the baby because I had taken most of General Studies in my high school year so a lot of my classmates were older than me. But the students are very supportive and try to help you in any way they can. The older students share experiences and tips for my art projects, love them all to death!


All my surrounding classmates are quiet and seem motivated on learning and absorbing the information the professor gives.


My classmates are motivated and most of them are finding a second chance at MCC.


My classmates are genuinely kind people and will help out other classmates if they needed the help.


There was a great deal of diversity and a range of personalities but kindness was found in everyone you met.


My classmates all seem to be very ambitious and hard working.


My classmates are no diferent than high school students with the execption of my older [age 30+] classmates.


Most of them seem like they are only there for class, then go on to do their own thing, and to not meet people.


The classmates I have at MCC have been pretty exciting for the most part, but also very dull in some of my classes.


My classmates are from many different cultures. This semister will be interesting learning new cultures. All my classmates are quite friendly, and helpful.


My classmates are mainly young students still living at home with minimal responsibilities outside of class.


My classmates are a group of random people. Everyone has a unqiue background and has unqiue personalies. My classmates are all there for the same reason as me and that is to get a college education!


Determined and focused young individuals who know what a college education will do for them.


At Mesa Community College, my classmates varied greatly in age, race, and all walks of life. The best aspect of this diverity was all the different points of view and thought processes that made classroom discussions and study groups much more eye-opening than what I remember from high school where everyone in the same boat.


My classmates are of all ages, types, & seasons!


My classmates are serene.


My classmates are a Kaleidoscope of Hidden Asspiration and a Manic stampede to the Prize at the End of the Rope.


My classmates represent a score of varying backgrounds, nationalities, religions, and so on; there are students of all shapes, sizes, and ages.


My classmates at mesa community college are hard working and intelligent just like I am.


My classmates are really helpful, communicative and friendly.


Some are serious students others are still deciding what they want to accomplish; some students were there just for shear knowledge and career advancement oppertunities.


I have had a variety of different classmates, from the flamboyant and charismatic to the uninteresting and boring. But i have never before experience the camaraderie amongst a group of strangers in my life.


I have had very helpful classmates who are willing to go the extra mile to get that A they want in the class.