Mesa Community College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I tell my friends how convient my college is! I have the option of day, evening and online classes close to my home. MCC has wonderful staff and faculty that are always willing to answer my questions, help with academic planning and more!


I feel I hold the school so high when speaking about it because they have been able to help me in my time of need. The school has an open door policy and ensures that all concerns will be taken care of no matter the case. For instance, I'm a full time student, full time employee, also a full time caretaker for my mother who has MS. In my time of need the school went out of their way to make sure that I was on track when I needed to assist my mother in her time of need.


I brag about the beautiful scenery of the desert at the Mesa Community Red Mountain Campus that I attend for class, about the amazing teachers who are usually willing to help, and the amount of classes and different campuses that are available.


I don't brag about my school to my friends but I think that the professors are amazing they really love what they do and make school more fun and interesting.


When I tell my friends about Mesa Community College I brag about the class sizes. Living in Mesa a lot of my friends from high school went to Arizona State University after graduation and I enjoy being able to brag that my classes cap out at around 25 and they have lecture halls that hold around 400 where their teachers have to use a microphone.


It's convient, and I do not have to travel far just to get to my classes.


The professors at the school are very laid back and they are very understanding and try to help you if you encounter problems.


Its one of the largest community colleges in the us, yet still has the ability to interact and affect its students at a personal level. MCC has two campuses the main campus is in down town Mesa the second is Its red mountain campus. These makes the associability to MCC all the more convenient. It has great teachers that can make learning fun and interesting. MCC has a large variety of classes and programs to fit just about any students major. And most importantly MCC is preparing its students to take on whatever endeavor they choose to take on.


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The teachers attitudes are all about you becoming employed and they suggest a variety of ways in which you might be able to use your degree in a depressed economy.


One thing I brag about the most to my friends about my school would have to be my very flexible class schedule. Compared to high school, college is like HEAVEN!!! I love having the option of choosing when I get to go to class! I love it!


Ha ! My school is one of the largest community colleges in the united states. Is topped as one of the best colleges in arizona, and to be more annoying my school has programs to offer than that no other two year schools offer.


I mostly brag about my classes. I am a music perforance major, and Mesa Community College has one of the best music programs in the state. My school has professionals from throughout the country that spend their time with us for private lessons, teaching, and if we need advice. The school and all the students at this school are very lucky to be learning from the best.


I reckon I am rather not the type to boast. I do however take respectful Pride in the Virtue and Honor of expanding ones potential, not only in the Persuit of Career and Justifiable niche in Society, but the Potential of my own Intellegence and Competence to Utilize.


When I was registering for college I originally applied to one where all my friends applied. But the more I thought about it I decided that that was not what college was about! I wanted to meet new people in a new school in a new city. At Mesa Community College I did all that! The teachers are great and I've made some great friends! The great staff has also helped to point me in the right direction towards taking the right classes and my future career! My college is the best!


The thing that I brag about my school would be the teachers; most of them care about the studies and them what you to pass the class that you are in. I have teachers tell me if I need something to give them a call, even if I'm not in their class.


I am proud of the fact that I am paying a lot less money in tuition for classes that will transfer to a well known, prestigious journalism program at Arizona State University. On top of cheaper prices, my school offers small class sizes and professors who have a strong interest in helping students get the best education available to them.


I like the campus such as all the grass and the tree's that you can sit under on a nice cool day. Its a campus that isn't too big or too small.


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I try not to brag when ever possible but when I do, and I cannot lie--I do, I tend to brag that I am not paying anything for classes. I receive the Pell Grant and because tuition is relatively low it is completely covered. I believe that MCC is the biggest community college in the country, if it is not then I know it is the biggest in Arizona, that is brag worthy.