Mesa Community College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The parking. The school is large and is very popular. In the afternoon, the parking lot is a bad house to get into and out of. Gook luck trying to find a place to park in the afternoon. Your best bet is near the football feilds.


There is not much to complain about. I travel far to attend this school because i love the auto program it offers. The school is under going through some construction and it can get a little noisy but that just means the school will look better and more will be added to it.


The worst thing about my school is that it is quite far from my house. It takes me 30 minutes to get to campus and I have to fight through morning traffic on three interstate highways to get there. I live close to two community colleges but Mesa Community College is the only community college that has my major (and other majors that the other community colleges don't offer). I'm no doubt dedicated to my college but it would be nice for it to have a Phoenix branch or something.


For being a community college, it is almost too large. I really liked the idea of having a small campus and good one on one with my teachers, however because it is so large, it is hard to have small class sizes.


The worst thing about my school is that the nursing program has a long waiting list. The waiting for admission is approximately for two years. I can't afford to wait two entire years for my school to accept me as student. My goal is to finish the pre-requirements that the school of nursing requires and then continue to go to school, but this time as a nursing student. I wish the nursing program here at my school would have a more flexible schedule when it comes to admitting students. The waiting should never be that long.


The worst things about Mesa Community College would be the lack of student involvment.


The worst thing about my school is that it is very small so I do not get to meet many people. I would really love to go to a bigger college so I can meet more people and be able to have study groups because I do my homework and study all on my own.


I wish that they had dorms on campus at community college, so you could meet more people and feel more involved, like a university setting.


The worst thing I would consider about my school is their online courses. I wouldn't recommend online courses because many of the teachers would rather you pay an extra 50 dollars to be taught by some online program. That's not to say all teachers are like this. But many do not work through the school's online lecture website.


My school is an amazing school i love it! i dont like how some classes are at one campus and not the other campus, it makes it harder but you have to do what you have to do to get classes you want.


This school has mimimal flaws. It'd be nice if classes could grow a bit so not all the major classes filled so quickly. Other than that hardly any negative features. This is one of the best community colleges. In Illinois where I grew up the community college was smaller, crowded, and very hard to get a class you wanted.


i would consider my school layout is the worst feature. I constantly get lost becuase none of the buildings go in a specific order. Everyday im 5 minutes late because i was searching for the correct building and class number.


The location is probably the worst part. Mesa is a good town but lately it has been looking pretty bad. Its not the greatest city to look at but its still a great college town tho!


MCC has very few flaws that this student can complain about. But if I had to say one, it would be its landscaping is not to my taste. But im there to learn not complain.


The worst thing about MCC is how unlike a university it is, I feel unprepared to transfer.


I really do not have much to complain about Mesa Community College. However, like most schools, the lines in the bookstore are always a challenge at the beginning of the semester. I am a first time college student, I have not learned all the ropes to making this time easier on myself. I am confident I will learn how to get around the long lines buying and returning books as time goes by.


My school is great the only disadvantage for me is the distance, it is a great school and that is why I make the commute.


iThe worst thing about my school is that you can only obtain so many credits before having to transfer to a four year university. I enjoy the small campus and highly educated staff so much, and would gladly continue to take courses their for the rest of my college career. The one on one time professors offer to students is unbeatable.


I would have to say that the worst thing about my school is that the Book's, the fees for te books are way to high and the buy back is very low.


The price of the food they sell.We are college students and dont have that much money and shouldnt have to spend all of our money on the food there just so we can eat while we are there all day.


When I've gone to speak with an advisor in the past, there have been a couple who seem like they do not know what they are talking about and do not help me. It's frustrating and I get confused, luckily there are really good counselors who can help me and make things very clear.