Mesa Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing I consider about my school would be the diversity. There are a variety of racial and ethnic groups and people who fall into the lgbtq category. I feel this school does a great job at educating students about diversity causing less bullying to take place.


The best thing that MCC has it how affordable it is. The auto program is great, the instructors are awesome and the campus is lovely.


The educational standards. I have looked into several colleges in Oklahoma, California and Florida. I have found out the Arizona provides a higher standard of educational expectations. I also enjoy the abundance of availible resources to do research. It has made learning easier and gives you a thurst for more knowledge.


My school offers a lot of classes compared to other community colleges.


The Art staff are very talented and are truley there for the students. This is a huge help to me when I'm trying to put together a extensive portfolio for an accredited Art School. They will give you thier honest opion and offer any suggestions that could help you move forward towards your goal.


I like my school because of all the choices in classes they have. They have so many programs people can be in and there is a program for anybody. I haven't found many programs that work into my career choice, but i have been able to find ones at my school.


The teachers and their willingness to helo you succeed.


The professors at Mesa Community College have gone over and beyond for their students. My professors spend many hours tutoring and encouraging me as well as other students. The professors encourage students inside the college and outside providing information to ensure the sucess throught their; my education. I feel inspired ever since attending Mesa Community College and have esteem and hope that I haven't had in the past.


Night classes are offered which is nice because I work full time right now.


willingness for the teachers to help you, friendly and safe campus.


There are a lot of oportunities because it is a fairly big school but the classes are small enough that I feel less like a number to the teachers. The teachers are passionate about what they do and seem to care about the education of the students. The small price tag that comes with enrollment is nice too.