Messiah College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Messiah College is where people come together to care about other people.


Messiah is full of kind, intelligent people who support you throughout your rigorous schoolwork.


The couple times i've visited Messiah there's thing home-y feeling to it. They're very welcoming and the students are very friendly.


A Christ-centered learning environment that draws people who desire to grow in their faith, discern their profession, and nurture relations for life.


Messiah is a small, private Christian liberal arts college that is situated on a beautiful campus, is dedicated to raising Christian men and women, is known for its academic and athletic performance, and offers many opportunities for service, leadership, internships, and study abroad.


Messiah College is a great campus full of people who are caring and endearing and is also a campus that prides itself on its academics .


Messiah is a loving campus, from administrators who learn your name even before you are accepted, to faculty who truly want you to succeed, to life-long friends you make in your residence, your activities, and your classes, where Christ rules preeminent.


Messiah College is a liberal christian college dedicated to serving both its students and God.


Messiah College is a vibrant center of community and academic excellence that offers tons of opportunities to get into the community and make a difference in the world.


Messiah is very concerned with political correctness.


Life-changing to the extent that a price can't be put to it.


the school I go to is a welcoming, you feel part of the family/community and you are put in front of challenges that help you to grow spiritually, socially and become a better person in the society.


A positive and unlifting environment for learning and personal growth.


Messiah College emphasizes the importance of community and making everyone feel welcome.


Messiah is a open, welcoming community of students, professors, and faculty whose main desire is to help you to grow closer to God and your independant life in society by helping you to discover God's plan for your life.


I had the time of my life there, and I miss being a student at Messiah so much I still cry about it.


Messiah College is small, but vibrant community of really great students and faculty.


Messiah is a christian college who is academically very good.


A wonderful Christian atmosphere where students get to discover themselves, through social, spiritual and academic activities.




christian school that is committed to embracing diversity and different perspectives on an institutional level that is not always played out in the every day.


A loving Christian family.


If you were home schooled, or grew up in a very conservative christian household, Messiah is the place for you.


A close-knit, rural college with a strong emphasis on pacifism that inexplicably draws students from every corner of the Evangelical tradition; students who may be traditionally a minority in Evangelicalism because of their political views or sexual orientation will most likely feel more comfortable at Messiah than other Evangelical schools.


People call it the "non Christian Christian college" but I would not agree because I felt I really discovered how to back up my own faith as a student there.


Messiah is very beautiful out of the way, but the closest big city is 20 minutes away.


Messiah College is a Christian school that is more liberal than other Christian schools, but more conservative than secular schools. It is a very warm and welcoming environment and is a great place for college students to advance their education and deepen their faith.