Messiah College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


There is a passion for life found in many students.


friendly, naive, don't understand the real world and live in a bubble, can't fend for themselves and are somewhat critical and hypocritical


Friendly helpful individuals who want to succeed and want you to succeed as well.


My classmates are mostly christian, relatively laid back, and surprisingly mixed for a christian college in that they still break the law sometimes, go to prayer meetings, are gay, atheists, typical bible-thumpers, and average.


My classmates are my brothers and sisters in Christ, because at Messiah we all know that are one body in Christ, therefore we all take the time to express our love for one another constantly; the smiles, hugs, considerate conversations, words of encouragement, laughter, prayers, tears, homework help, and love is a deep part of our days as brothers and sisters in Christ.


Students here are very service oriented, williing to help and very likely to succeed


Friendly, engaging, spirited


My classmates are very friendly and are looking out for each other most of the time.


My classmates are intelligent, fun, and hard working.


From what I hear some students are still pretty basic to their ground. When you go to the campus you noticed everyone hang out with their own crowd which is typical at other campus. Students tends to be personal and not to open, but once they let you in, they stand by you. Students wear about anything, some of them look like they just roll out of bed, which is true, the girls are normally neat looking lol. It is very laid back, they are quite a few like me who likes to dress up every day too. Most of the campus is white hands down, so the minority is getting bigger, but the racial issues at MC is something that is getting better, I never face it but I hear stories for sure. In fact they even make a video that you can watch about potential students and professors who express their views on being a victim. Hey i give them credit to put it out there so they can learn from their past. I thin they are on the right track, because the world not we are living in is not black and white. You want to be test out before graduation, maybe it is me... I think most of them got good financial background. This campus is hands down more republican...Students speak their mind on that campus, it is small so that makes it easy to voice your opinion... in classes we do talk about how we would love to make when you are done with school...


Close-minded, naive, uneducated, hypocrites.


My classmates are awesome!


My classmates are academically driven as well as friendly and helpful


they are generally nice, and are generally intelligent. athletes and friends of athletes are usually the most popular students.


Diverse, excited, and eager to learn.


there were two different types of students... liberal, progressive thinkers who were like normal college kids and didnt fit in well at Messiah. and then there were the conservative, bible loving kinds that followed all the rules and played board games to have fun.


They tend to be intellectual, although most of them are quiet so classroom discussions often take place more between like 6 or 7 people rather than the entire class.


Passionate young people eager to learn and to serve (and to have fun).


I think my classmates are annoying and can hinder my learning but at the same time some of them really help me learn by having good discussions.


My classmates were down to earth, encouraging, and fun to be around.


Everyone in classes are really nice and supportive of different ideas. It is sometimes nice to hear a new view point.


Everyone thinks for themselves so you will best succeed if you have your own mind but are open to what others think.


My classmates are friendly and accepting.