Messiah College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Messiah College is best known for its strong academic programs and successful interns.


Messiah College is best known for its diversity among students and quality education with a focus on Christian Stewardship. Service to others is stressed daily and many opportunities are given for students to participate in serving others.


Messiah is known mostly for its boy's soccer team.


Messiah College is best known for being a small, liber arts, christian college. It has good sports teams. It's most well-known majors are nursing, art, and engineering.


We are best known for Engineering, Nursing, and Accounting. These are the top 3 majors from Messiah (as far as I know.) We are also known for our Men and Women's soccer teams, as we have won multiple Division III Championships.


A Balance of quality academics and athletics, and the focus on not just career but vocation.


Being a Christian School, their soccer team, and their outreach programs


It's got great movies and concerts, going against the grain of the normal Christian college. The special events are pretty well planned too. Sports games are a fun time--especially soccer. But best of all are the thoughtful and dedicated professors, especially in the school of the Humanities. Just so long as you're not in the film department.


I think its academic rigor.


Our school is best known for it's Christian affiliation. We are also known for our incredible men's and women's soccer teams. The community around the college loves us and companies love to hire our students because of our strong work ethic and strong morals.


Cultural diversity, its nursing program...


Messiah college is best known for its soccer team. Our mens soccer team has won for over 4 years straight the national campionship for our league, and when you ask people about messiah, or tell them that you attend messiah... they usually say something about the soccer team. Besides this Messiah is known for having a good academic program that is challenging and practical.


Probably soccer. Its absolutely amazing. Even to just get involved with cheering and following the team.


Soccer team - five D3 championships in 7 years. And the "Compassion Forum" with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama