Messiah College Top Questions

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By placing academics in a Christian perspective, you are able to see how studying is a way of glorifying God and focus your career towards His glory.


Small class sizes and major interaction with professors.


Messiah College is a Christian college and students must sign a community drinking, homosexuality, etc...before attending.


Messiah College is a huge community centered school. They encourage community values and lifestyles.


Messiah College is unique in that it encourages its students spiritually and emotionally in addition to academically. I have never felt so welcome in one setting before. The faculty members honestly care about us students and they do more than just lecture. They inspire us to make a difference in the world. The majority of students on campus are compassionate and have a great interest in serving the community through volunteer service. Many students also study abroad because they have a heart for the world. Messiah campus is unique because it dares to be more than the norm.


The professors here are fantastic, they care so much about the students and truly go out of their way to get to know you and have a relationship with you. Also, there is the perfect level of Christianity for me. It is not overwhemling and forced, but it is ever-present and supportive. The community environment is wonderful for a hardworking college student!


Messiah College is a diverse Christian College dedicated to deepening our Christian faith through an rigorous academic program. Messiah desires for all of their students to not just get an education, but to truly learn. Messiah is dedicated to their liberal arts program, because students must explore and learn a variety of subjects, which not only teaches them about the subject, but about themselves and who they are in Christ. Messiah is a personal college where the professors are not just your teachers, but your friends. Messiah is truly unique, because it is a second home for its students.


Although my school has a Christian focus, it is still open to the outside world. We have free concerts once a week and big name bands come twice a semester. We are very close to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania's state capital, so there is a lot to do off campus as well as on. Also, the professors want to help you learn. They are very kind and give you many resources to contact them. The students here are also very tight nit, and most people attend school activities. It is also the perfect sized school for me- about 3,000 students.


It is a Christian school


The environment is very welcoming. It is very easy to make friends freshmen year, and to keep those friends throughout school. The engineering, nursing, and accounting programs are GREAT! Messiah's sports are also amazing, with multiple Division III national titles. If you can get a choice on housing for freshmen year, definitely try to get into Hess as it is the best freshmen dorm on campus.


My school is unique because it's goal is to foster a sense of community. My school works hard to keep up with culture, but also to remember what God commands. It much more liberal and open-minded than other Christian schools.


Our soccer team is the best d-3 in the nation


The soccer team is really good - NCAA champs in the D3 multiple years. The Adventure Education Major.


Messiah is changing a lot , they are adapting to how the world is changing around them.. they are in the process to be a green campus and they are making great change... I think they are too strong against professors who stand against the school policy. We have gay and feminist faculties...this campus is about to make leaders to change the world, their heart for service, diversity and community is getting bigger and stronger.. Messiah student got married quick sometimes even before graduation.... In the End I give the school an A...they help me find a reason to die for after graduation which is public service and do what i am passionate about .. for this is what I expect out of a college.. do not get me i fought for it, i challenge my professors and students! www.TOUSSAINT photography.Com wedding, fashion, commercial, sports.


I think what is unique about our school is our Christianity-based community. It allows for us to be better stewards of our community through taking better care of the environment as well as helping others through volunteer work. Our sports teams are nationally ranked, both of the soccer teams recently won national titles for their division. Messiah not only prepares you for your job, but prepares you for life by providing you with a good, firm Christian background, strongly rooted in Jesus Christ.


it's small and intimate, and it provides a good education


It is small enough that you get great interactions with the professors but large enough to have great resources, especially since it is so close to Harrisburg.


Anabaptist liberal faculty with an ultra conservatice student body.


Messiah College is a Christian college. This creates a different atmosphere than most other colleges. The people are friendlier, and the expectations are different.


a good sense of community


Small enough that it is friendly, but large enough that it offers the right programs.


puts emphasis on relationships


small liberal Christian college, small town, close to the capital, lots of volunteering opportunities, great study abroad opportunities


While it is a Christian college, it is rather liberal. It's in the country but just minutes away from our state's capital. There's always something to do, whether on campus or off. And they strongly encourage students to study abroad.


Messiah was the friendliest place that I visited. The campus is beautiful and it is a small-ish (3.000 students) Christian school with a student body that is generally open-minded and socially conscious.