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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


I have to say the school is indeed strict with their faith belief, however during my five years on campus, I have seen a lot of great change. We have a new and first female president Kim Phipps. She is really open to listen to the students. They welcome challenges from the students body. The race issues is definitely there, from what i hear, but speaking for myself I never face any race issue at all on campus. So the school stereotype as far as race and faith core values has been really open in the few years. They even brought a well known gay group on campus to talk about the issue. The most stereotype is when you get on campus you will hear about the "Ring by Spring on my tuition back." Students will expect to find their mates by graduation. I would love to say it is not true, but the fact can speak for itself :) There is some great truth into... The percentage of the students who get married is pretty decent. In the same token the divorce rate is also high among them.