Messiah College Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


The academics at the school are great. Students have been able to get jobs when they graduate.


This is where the action take place, some professors still pray at MC, a very very few still do. They know you by names, they open their doors, some even take you to their home for party and discussions, they listen to how they can help you reach your goal. They adjust to what fashion of learning will suit you the best. However, they will not put that on the table you have to fight for it. Let them know how you are different and how can they help you reach your goal. Intellectual conversations depends on who you hang out with. students speak their mind as you challenge them for sure. It was always intellectual for me, because i force them too. I love all my classes in photography, my professors challenge me after he told me to change my project that i did not have what it takes to deliver it at the end. I love challenge so I keep up and prove him wrong. I have to say the art department at MC is the most challenge and brutal.. they will not take crap from you. they will destroy inside and out so the best can come out of you. :) it works for me. The French department on campus is ok However, the fact that they can sent you to France to study that is the best ever. You can learn with the best. I study at the second best Sciences Po in France which was in Strasbourg, France. I was challenge and took classes in Law, Politics, Theology, Philosophy and many more. The Communication department is ok, I think they can use more help. They are making great progress but they need to do more.. for Instance they have Kirsten Snow works for them which is the Ed Rendell assistant, they should keep her on staff as much as they can, but not the case. My education at MC allows me to open my own vision and dream. A year before graduation I was able to open my own photography business. I now do weddings, fashion, commercial, pregnancy and sports, here is my site www.TOUSSAINTphotography.Com They challenge to think outside the box and create your own visions when things don't work out. Maybe it was me i don't know. Their academics requirement is pretty tough for some professors.