Messiah College Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


WOW this campus is loaded with outside activities your head will turn, you name the field that you want to be involve and they will make it happen.I was involve for a little with the international club, the service trip, the sports club, the theater club.. this is one of the best way to meet friends, working in the same club helps a lot. The dating scene is great up there, students are not afraid to show their love in public, they respect each other, i think the party scene could have been more. you have to go off campus to have great fun, but they are a lot of small club that meets in regular basis to chill and have a good time.. on Saturday at the student union there is something always going on with music..we have a $1 movie at the school theater for the weekend. The campus is pretty so if they weather is nice at 2am you can always go for a walk or play indoor sports, we have a student cafe where you can hang out till you are drop dead. Traditions the nursing school will jump into the creek with their uniforms on, during the spring all the seniors will fight against the first year student on a war battle. They meet on a field they make weapons out of duck tape and cardboard whatever you can make and they fight till they have no more weapons left ... just look up Messiah duck tape war on youtube, you can see for yourself! it is pretty fun.. we have an Acclamation dance which is huge, we have the spring flying where you dress up off campus and take a girl out.. it is very high scale.. it is a perfect place to walk out with a girl if you ever happen to be single ...we have the same thing in the fall...In the past two I have been going back on campus to do free engagement shoot.. it is getting big because of the percentage of students who do get married right after college...Off campus we are out and be ourselves...