Messiah College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


How friendly everyone is


The profesors are very caring and compassionate, the equipment and labs are up to date, and the teaching is interactive.


I love the activites they do offer for students. I enjoy going to Zumba, Powerhouse, soccer games, coffee house, and I love having dances both on and off campus so often!


The amazing study abroad program. Messiah College stongly emphasizes study abroad, and makes it very similar in cost to their own prices; therefore allowing many the opportunity. Their programs consistently rank highest in the nation. These experiences have greatly enhanced my knowledge of the world, and were the greatest college learning experiences of all.


Our food! It's not mom's cooking, no, but as far as college food goes, the food here is pretty tasty. I think I also brag about our sports teams. They win nationals like every year! Soccer games are so fun at Messiah even if you're not really a huge sports fan. Also, everyone is so nice here. There is definitely a wide range of interests on campus, but everyone is nice and willing to get to know you if you just try.


Messiah College has some of the most geniune and caring professors who will become lifelong friends.


I brag about the laid back community of Messiah. Walking around campus is very comfortable and enjoyable. Everyone smiles, holds doors for eachother, says hi to one another. I also like my class sizes and the personal interations with my professors.


Messiah's study abroad opportunities are way more varied than most schools. You can go to any continent and the college is extremely open minded about external programs not listed. You're encouraged to see the world.


Our sense of community within our school.


The soccer teams are very good. They both just won the division 3 national championships two years in a row.


Academics are great, the campus is beautiful, the people are mostly friendly and accepting, and there are many opportunities for growth spiritually and in activities.


the collaboratory


There is always something to do when you have free time! Messiah College is great about having fun (not lame) events throughout the week and weekends. Community is a big deal here, and by coordinating activities, they achieve a close community.


Usually has a very chill and laidback environment. Not much of any drug use, and most students are very commited to their faith. Very supportave environment (usually).


I love the atmosphere here it's a great place to be! It is a Christian college, and I love it, everyone is so open here with prayer and seeing how people really feel about themselves or issues. Messiah College has a great psychology program. All the professors are knowledgeable and helpful. They have a great faculty. I have a very large dorm and it's really nice. Also, we have a very pretty campus. Overall this is a great experience and I love it here.


We have the best division 3 soccer team in the country! Also, we have great volunteer opportunities, as well as wonderful ways to help you grow closer to God.


How academically challenging my classes are, how much I'm learning and the high quality of the educations, and how qualified my professors are and how much I like them.


It's a great school, but there's not much to really "brag" about


I brag about Messiah's study abroad opportunities, and their campus in Philadelphia. Also, my advisor has become a mentor of sorts, and made a huge impact in my life even after ive moved on to graduate school.


The friendliness of the students here and the real school pride that everyone has. It is a wonderful, accepting Christian environment.


That there was community and the best friends I've ever met in my life, I met at college. And that my professors were awesome.


The professors are very friendly and make most classes very ineresting. The college is a perfect size to make lots of friends, but not get lost in the crowd. The soccer team is awesome and help build school pride.


Messiah College is a very friendly, polite, and accepting campus. Class sizes are small and all the professors know the names of all their students.


That everyone is very friendly and we have a lot of different extracurricular programs that people can take part in. We do not have a lot of problems on campus and the campus is beautiful and very close to a lot of cities. It also has easy access to things off campus.


That my friends and I have a lot of fun and it doesn't always involve alcohol.


The friends that I've made, and the B-Sides concerts and movies that we can attend.


Sports, music, SAB Lost Films


Its size, comitment to service, the people