Messiah College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The only reasons someone might consider someting to be bad at Messiah College is if they have expectations of a culturally/racially diverse student population. The worst thing, however, at Messiah College is the fact that it is in the middle of nowhere, and therefore transportation is hard to come by.


The pressure to find a "click" is very discouraging . The school does not make it very easy to sit alone - especially in the dining hall or at chapel. Chapel being forced (24 chapels a semester) is also miserable.


The worst thing about Messiah is that there isn't very much diversity


not enough diversity, too much judging, cultural insensitivity


The worst thing about Messiah College is the knowledge of the students of the outside world. The students are unaware of what is going on in the outside world.


Honestly, the worst part of Messiah is parking. There is plenty for anyone who wants to visit and bring her friends, with room to spare. But, the few close and convenient spaces are reserved for visitors or faculty, and the large parking lots for students are on the edges of campus, never close to the building you need. Seniors are the only lucky ones who can park close to their residences. However, the campus is small, so a long walk on this campus is still a lot shorter than walks you might take on other campuses.


Or school is too expensive and very difficult for out of state students to find scholarships especially those that are not academically based.


The visiting hours can be rather constricting. Some students have issues with them.


Close-mindedness of students (not so much with the facualty). I have had problems with theft and destruction of property by some such students. Disaplinary practeces are also not always effective.


The worst thing about my school is that it is in the middle of nowhere, not because it literally is (20 minutes from Harrisburg), but because there is little transportation anywhere. No many people, especially underclassmen, have cars and there is no public transportation. There are taxis...if you have the money for one. You could make some friends too...


Since it's in a small town, Messiah seems a little bit removed from the world sometimes.


People are really close minded.


The cost. I am severely in debt.


Stupid gen eds


Well on weekends it's really quiet so bordem does set in...


some people are very closed minded in the way they think of religion, academics, gender roles, etc. also, i wish there was more diversity


The Christian bubble. It is hard to remember the real world out there.


I think people are too fake here, and often times what's really going on on the inside is not talked about because you feel you have to be a perfect Christian.


The artificial sense of community is sometimes emphasized far too much, but often real community is fostered in spite of that. The school has completely short-changed the film department, forcing out all the good professors and replacing them with incompetents.


The campus is not within walking distance of anything. Students need a car to go anywhere


The low levels of diversity and racial-tolerance; the school claimed to be racially tolerant, but it was very uncomfortable to be a Black female on a predominantly White campus.


The pressure to be in a relationship (no casual dating)


There isn't a lot to do on the weekends. However, even though this is a negative thing, this allows you to bond with your friends because you are forced to find your own fun. Even though there's not a lot to do this allows you to create memories with pretty stellar people.