Messiah College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone not looking for a party scene.


Messiah College is a small private college with a beautiful campus, and various academically challenging programs that really deliver a superior education. Messiah is a school for students who really want to take their education serious and really want to build a foundation of knowledge for their future. If a person is looking for a large school where they won't be held accountable for their attendance and class performance then Messiah is not for them. Messiah also offers a very diverse study abroad program for students who want to get out and experience the world.


People who attend here should not want to party ever. They must be diligent in their work and have a passion for God.


A person who desires a warm, friendly, and alcohol-free campus. The entertainment is limitless and the possiblities wonderful. Students who want a strong academic career with a lovely taste of Christianity. The community is quite strong with several opportunities to join clubs and volunteering organizations as ways to get involved.


This school stressed the importance of two aspects: Christian and community. It is extremely important that you are a Christian if you are attending this school. You are required to go to chapel a set number of times a semester and Chrisitan morals and ethics are entwined into the circuluum of the majority of classes. A person who attends Messiah should value community. Volunteering and giving time back to the community surrounding the school, as well as globally, is of the utmost importance for a Messiah student.


I would not advise someone who does not have religious beliefs to attend Messiah, since it is a religious-affiliated institution. Also, someone who thrives in an urban setting would probably not want to come to Messiah College, because we are placed in a rural setting. However, if you love nature, sports, are hardworking, and eager to develop in your relationship with God, your knowledge, and your social life, Messiah is the place!


Anyone. We could use more ethnic students for sure. The typical student is a weathly white Christian, but that is certainly not exclusive.


If you are looking for an academic and personal challenge then this school is good for you. Messiah focuses on service opportunities and cross-cultural experiences. Messiah looks at the entire individual, not just academics. It is a great place to develop as an individual and learn more about yourself and what you want for your future


A person who is of the Christian faith should attend this school. If you are hard working but can save time for socializing and fun, this is the place for you.


Any person who is interested in strengthening maturity in every crevice of his or her lives. No matter your background you will feel accepted by students and professors alike.


A person who values their Christian faith or wants to learn more with it integrated throughout the entire curriculum. A person who loves to interact with other students on projects, but is capable of disciplining themselves as well. A person should be comfortable with living farther from conveniences then they might be used to and be able to find their own entertainment(which is not very hard to do here).


Someone with a lot of school spirit and a Christian background, that wants to grow in their faith and make really awesome friends. Someone who is willing to work hard in their classes and succeed.


someone who is willing to learn and grow. someone who works hard and likes pushing themselves hard.


A conservative person who likes to follow rules. They shouldnt like to drink or do drugs because they are prohibited, even if youre 21.


An academic-minded intellectual that wants to be challenged and grow as a person also has a lot of money for college.


Someone who wishes to grow and is not afraid to take risks and think outside the box.


someone willing to be immersed in a culture without much diversity, but seeks to challenge it by becoming a part of it yet living differently from the norm.


Anyone willing to learn and grow with God while experiencing new plateaus


People who are enthusiastic about following the Christian faith and exploring the convocation.


Someone who is Christian would be best for this school. If you like to party and drink, this is not the place for you. If you are very serious about your education and want to have a nice environment, this is the place for you.


Strong commited christian who want a good Christian Libral Arts degree.


Someone who is willing to learn and pay a lot of mney for it. They also need to be willing to entertain themselves and search for things to do on and off campus (outside of extracarricular designed by the school) to do on weekends because that is when there is nothing to do. It's also a good school for people who want to learn to grow in their faith.