Messiah College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who are not comfortable discussing and integrating the Christian faith into their everyday lives- through mandatory chapels (24/semester), bible studies, everyday interactions with faculty, students and staff, as well as Biblical references everywhere. You are not required to profess to be Christian to attend Messiah, but you have to agree to abide by their strict Community Covonent and attend Chapel. If you are Christian, but do not wish to discuss or incorporate your faith into daily activities (again, in and out of the classroom), then Messiah is not for you.


Someone who wants to do alot of drinking. Also, I know many homosexual students feel uncomfortable here, unfortunately. The students are supportive of this community but the donors and thus the administration is not so much.


Someone who wants to put their faith and education together.


Messiah College is open to everyone, accepting of everyone, and has a diverse community. It is a Christian college so anyone who agrees with the Christian Faith and values can attend. It might be difficult for a non-Christian to go here because Christianity is rooted in everything and is at the core of the institution


A person who wants a large school, or to be in a place where there are lots of things to do off campus. Also anyone who does not have the basic foundational beliefs of Christianity like the college because you have to sign a statement of faith.


A person should not attend Messiah College if they are looking for a wild party every weekend.


Messiah campus is quiet and relaxed. Anyone who needs to be in a louder or busier setting might feel better at a college in the city...though, Messiah has a Philidelphia campus too. Messiah has a strict policy in relation to alcohol and drugs, so those who enjoy a drink even now and then should consider attending a different college. Our soccer team is recognized for not drinking while other teams from other colleges grab a drink after a game. Basically, Messiah is not a great place for anyone who plans to party when they get to college.


All types of people come to Messiah and you can usually find your niche somewhere, no matter your interests or beliefs. It does help if you are a Christian, or at least tolerant of Christianity, as it is a Christian college. While it isn't as strict as most Christian colleges, there are significantly more rules and higher expectations than a typical college, private or public. There is a no drinking policy as well as visitation hours only certain days in the dorms between the opposite sexes. It is also a rather tough school. You'll earn your grades here.


A person who is looking for a party school should not attend this school. There is very little partying that occurs. In addition, there are enforced visiting hours in which the opposite sex can be in another's dorm room.


A wild partier... I talked to a graduate partier who nearly got kicked out. So if you like alcohol and sexy dance parties on campus, go somewhere else.


Someone should not attend this school if they are looking to party. At the beginning of your first semester, everyone signs a contract saying they will obstain from alcohol, drugs, and sexual intercourse while they are attending Messiah College. There are also specific times when people of the opposite genders can be on your floor. Someone should also not attend this school if they are ready to be challenged academically. Some of the classes are very difficult with alot of work. Also, someone should not attend this school if they do not want their classes to have a Christian background.


One who has no, or does not want any morals.


Anyone who can not keep from using tobaco products, alchohol, drugs or sexual behavior. The school has an absolute 0 tolerance policy on all of the above.


Someone who doesn't mesh well with religion. There are people who are legitimately spiritual and aren't filled with religious pomp and ceremony, but there's a good percentage of people who are simply churchgoers who haven't given much thought to what that means, and most have been raised in that culture, so it's a part of campus life.


A person who is adverse to mixing academics with faith and moral character would not do well at Messiah.


non religious person


Someone who can't take people with differing (and sometimes wrong) views should not attend here.


A person who is not tolerant of other people's beliefs.


Someone who wants a big bustling city life campus


Someone who is interested in drugs, premarital sex, drinking, or someone who hate Christians.


someone who's interested in partying all the time and not doing work.


Someone who is not interested in learning more about God and Christian faith.


People who are not community centered.


Someone who doesn't want to work hard or wants to party all the time. Education is taken seriously at Messiah. There is plenty of time for fun and people have fun all the time, but that fun usually does not include drinking or serious partying like at public colleges.


someone who is looking to get drunk every weekend or have members of the opposite sex sleep over in their rooms.


If you are not willing to follow the rules of a christian school