Messiah College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Because it is a private college the tuition is very expensive compared to other schools.


I am occasionally frustrated with the lack of diversity, ethnically, spiritually/religiously, and politically. The majority of students are solidly middle class white students with a Republican leaning. The campus provides an outlet for more liberally minded people, but the majority of students are very conservative. They also exaggerate the number of racially/ethnically diverse students on campus. I am occasionally also frustrated by students who act the innocent Christian angel, without acknowledging that they would ever, for example, swear, or wear a bikini- seemingly insignificant things that are frowned upon at Messiah.


Unless you live 250 miles away from Messiah, you can't have your car on campus


Honestly, the most frustrating thing is probably the fact that you are required to get a meal plan when living in a dorm.


You are required to have at least three theologically-based classes in order to fulfill Messiah's particular gen-ed requirements. This can be difficult, especially if you are struggling to fit all your necessary classes into an eighteen-credit school year. Also, students are required to attend a designated number of chapels in order to be able to graduate. While I support the idea of chapel, I find it frustrating that missing a couple affects my academic standing.


The most frustrating thing about Messiah College is the lack of things to do and how close-minded students are.


Hmmm, the most frustrating thing about Messiah college... Listen, I searched and searched for the right school after leaving my original college, and I wanted to finish my degree at the school that is perfect for me: Christian, Art school, in Pennsylvania... I found what I was looking for at Messiah College. No, I am not trying to brag about the school, I am simply saying that the school fits me well. Okay, I just thought of one thing that is frustrating: less financial aid available than other schools. Yeah, pain in the wallet!


Sometimes the teachers give us little to no slack with assignments. Also, the weekends sometimes turn the campus into a ghost town due to a lot of the student body living in a rather close vicinity to the school.


Some of the ridiculous gen eds we are required to take.


Rules for the apartments. Since students are unable to secure an apartment until junior and senior year, it is frustrating that the upperclassmen have to abide by visiting and quite hours.


There's quite a lot of reading to do for classes. If you're really serious about academics, your social life might not be very enviable. You need to find a balance of social life and classwork that you like.


I wish that they helped the students with more financial aid. I applied late because my family was moving to PA from NC and wanted to be close to them. And even though my GPA in highschool was great, they didn't give me enough scholarships and i'm struggling financially. I think that they should help students. there are students who apply late, don't have scholarship and do great in the first year, and i don't get how they don't have any scholarship to award to them. i had a 3.18 GPA.


There is little diversity and not much social life. If you want the "typical" college experience (parties, late-nights, random hook-ups) this is absolutely not the place for you. It would be nice to be able to go to a party here and there. Other major schools are far away as well, like 2 hours to Temple, Bloomsburg, etc.


The limited visitation hours and the lack of racial diversity


Not a lot to complain about here. The only really frustrating thing is I wish the visiting hours for dorms were a little longer especially during the week it?s frustrating especially when working on group projects that you have to go somewhere else. Also, the food gets a little boring since it?s on a pretty regular schedule. Other than those two items I have nothing to complain about, I really like it here at Messiah!


located in the middle of nowhere


A lack of diversity among students. A judgemental attitude for people who dont follow the perfect Christian standards.


The most frusterating thing about school is finding a balence. Messiah College offers so many opportunities. You are at school to learn and grow in your academic field through classes and research. However, you are also at college to accumulate some of the best memories you will ever have. There is a point that you have to find between school and everything else that you can do. This is the first opportunity that you have to be on your own. Finding a balence will be the most frustrating thing but it comes with practice.


There isn't much to do here on campus and there isn't very much around in the area. Plus there are visiting hours here, so you can't have the opposite sex in your room past midnight.


Probably the fact that it cost so much, which I didn't even really understand until it was too late.


Sometimes it feels like we are in a "bubble" and all that we talk about, think about, and do is encapsulated in the campus. Sometimes I feel like I should be out in the world and doing things there, but I feel stuck here on campus with no connection to the outside world.


there really isn't much to do on campus. If you want to do something you usually have to go off campus and unless you pay 50 dollars and are an upperclassmen you are not allowed to have your car on campus which makes getting off campus very hard.


So much going on but so much work!