Messiah College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before coming to Messiah, I wish I had known more about what to expect your first month of college. I wish I had better understood exactly how difficult it is to be completely on your own in a town five hours away from your family. I wish I had known that it's okay to have doubts the first month. It's okay to feel homesick and wonder if you made the right decision. Eventually, you make amazing friends and develop a routine. But I wish I had known and realized that this doesn't just happen overnight.


I wished that I had known more regarding the social climate and activities. Located in a rural area, the entertainment opportunities are limited and students primarily need to create their own fun. A student led board does their best to bring in live music, but these events are not frequent enough. Therefore, students support the seasonal sports teams or gather in smaller groups to jam, play cards, and fellowship. A car makes a great difference and gives the student the freedom to enjoy off-site venues.


I wish I had known how focused Messiah is on sprituality AND intellect. I feel that Messiah does not intend to sugarcoat things or indoctrinate me with a certain agenda. I had assumed that I wouldn't be getting a "real" education at a Christian college, but I was pleasantly surprised. I was only required to take 2 Christian classes, and they both actually opened my mind, rather than forcing things down my throat and making me more narrow-minded. I appreciate Messiah for its efforts to maintain a Christian campus while delivering an education on par with secular schools.


Just about personal growth, I guess I wish I would have known that being your own person is important to growing up and becoming someone who will make an impact. Messiah really encourages you to be an individual. I wish I had known that it's okay to be different. Also, college, especially Messiah College, is academically challenging. Don't expect to just slide on through the courses. The professors are going to push you to do your very best. If you don't put in the work, you won't succeed.


What scholorships were avaialable


My first sememter at Messiah was rather rough and very stressful, but could have been much more enjoyable if I knew some things before I showed up to Messiah. One of the highest stress causing events for my first smester was the fact that at Messiah you need you rbooks whenever class first starts. I was told by my mother and brother that this wasn't the case, so i had to scramble and turn a few assignments in late because i wasn't prepared. I also wasn't expecting the high cost of books, so seek scholarships over summer.


I wish I had known that the ratio of people who like the cafeteria food is split 50/50, that many (but definitely not all) of the student activities cost money to attend, and that I would love here as much as I do.


That they have a strong focus on their soccer team


The drinking policy is really insane, with a three strikes, your suspended, rule, but at the same time, the alcohol and drugs can be found if you really want to make that happen.


I wish I had known how expensive it really was to go here. Before, I never really noticed the price tag associated with it, but now I am realizing just how much I really spent on this education of mine. Some of my friends are getting similar educations but for quite the lower price.


the poor cafeteria food


I wish that I had known what the campus looked like. It wasn't as well layed out as my previous school, so it was a little hard to get around at first and know all the short-cuts.


I wish I had known what a fantastic place it was so that I would not have been as apprehensive.


I wish I would have realized how expensive the school would have been so I could have saved more money for college.


I wish I would have taken more ap classes and tested out of them.


i wish i had known how hard it was going to be acedemically. i was homeschooled all my life and that did not really prepare me for the college life. i think i would be doing much better if i had gone to school and knew how classes were set up and run. i have made the ajustment though and love college life!


It is so darn expensive over four years when the first year scholarships run out


food situation


Messiah College is one of the most liberal of the Evangelical Christian schools. Students should be prepared to be exposed to a more diverse set of faith traditions than most mainline Evangelical Christian churches contain.


How lacking in social activites this school is


how strict it would be, the no tolerance for alcohol policy, seriousness of chapel, that Christian schools aren't what is expected,


There isn't anything that I wish I would have known before coming to the school. I do wish I tried harder to get to know people the first year so that I would know more people this year.


I wish I would have known not to sell my books back to the bookstore, because they do not pay you near what the books are worth.


Before going to Messiah College I wish I realized a little more of how rural the campus is and the surrounding area is. I work hard at my school work but outside of school work I like to have fun and do things. Messiah offers fun things for the students to do, but the area of grantham is generally boring and I wish there were more things to do. The school itself is a good school, and I generally like the academic environment there.