Messiah College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The people. Messiah College is without a doubt the most amazing community of both faculty and staff I have ever been a part of. As an RA, it has been a blessing to work with such incredible individuals who care so much for both their education and others.


At Messiah, the atmosphere and close-knit community are the best things about the college. It's academics are oustanding and it's sport teams are phenomenal, but the Christ-centered community is really what seperates it from every other college. Messiah doesn't feel just like a college campus. It feels like home, and that is because of the way the employees and students interact with one another. It feels more like one large family unit than your typical college scene and I love this because it allows me to grow in every aspect of my life.


Messiah College is quite liberal, which I find to be a wonderful thing. I heard scary stories about curfews and gender segregation when considering a Christian school, but Messiah has none of that. Students are treated like responsible adults who are free to do what they want and are expected to answer for their own actions. It is a place where morality is supported but not crammed down one's throat, which makes it that much more appealing.


The atmosphere at Messiah is really great. Everyone here is very nice and the professors really care about how their students are doing.


The Christian atmosphere at the school is very encouraging and welcoming.


The opportunities and connections that Messiah has are among the best things. I was able to study abroad in Guatemala for a semester as well as spend 2 semesters at Temple University, all within my normal tuition costs. I was able to experience college in a rural/suburban setting, an international setting, and an urban setting and learn/interact with different types of people in those settings as well. In addition, there are many short term trips that one can participate in, over spring/fall break, J-term, or May term. There's a lot of opportunities available to everyone.


The best thing about my school is the community which has been created among students, faculty, administrators, workers, etc.


The best things about Messiah College is their mindset to produce professional individuals who are not strictly focused on securing the best paid or most sought after job position. They cultivate an academic environment which encourages students to excel in their studies and learnign and apply the gained tools to a vocation that serves the community and fulfills the purpose God has for them.


It is a very good atmosphere to belong to. People really care.


The campus is beautiful!


Most people are genuinely nice, so it's easy to make friends.


The best thing about Messiah College is the fact that people really accept each other and it's easy to make friends and have a social life.


I consider the best thing about my school to be the community. First coming to this school last year, I was quickly assimilated into the school's community by peer groups. In these groups we not only learned about Messiah's community but were able to assist through volunteering the surrounding community of Harrisburg. Friendships that are built here at Messiah are not meant only for study partners but are life long relationships. This school is accepting of all religions, race, doctrines, and sex and that is why I consider Messiah's community to be the best thing.


Being a part of gospel choir because I love singing and it allows me to be a part of a group and a part of my school.


The environment. Messiah is such a community focused college. Everyone is more friendly there than the ohter schools I have attended.


The professors. They really care about their students and are not afriad to show it.


I would say the integration of faith into academics. Most individuals dont get the opportunity to integrate their faith with their schoolwork, it is both encouraged and expected at Messiah College.


I love how involved our school is in the community and the world. Students and faculty spend a lot of time volunteering and going on missions trips to help those less fortunate, and those trips usually turn out to be great learning experiences.


I love the environment. It's a beautiful campus and the students are great. The college really does a good job trying to incorporate Christian faith in to all aspects of our college experience but different opinions are ok. It just feels like a big community and I love it. College is so fun!


the community


I personally like the size of the college. It's not too big but it's not too small. You're guaranteed to see people that you know while you're walking to class. It's comforting to see familiar faces throughout the day. You don't feel like you're just another number at Messiah College. Instead, you feel like you're part of a community. Messiah puts an emphasis on community and by the end of your first semester Messiah does feel like a loving neighborhood rather then just a place for academics.