Methodist College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Find a school with athletic leagues that you can participate in. Also choose a school with a good personality about it.


It is very valuable in life to pusuit college education. It's a very fun and exciting experience, but also very important in my future. I believe that with a degree i can accomplish more in life than with just a simple high school diploma. So i have chosen Paralegal as my career, not only will i be enjoying what i will be doing, but I will also be making double the money to be able to provide for my family.


During college I was able to juggle two jobs while being a full-time student because of my organizational and time-management skills. My successful experiences managing multiple priorities simultaneously will be very valuable during my journey to becoming a nurse, as a nurse, and as a nurse leader. My hard-work, study skills, positive attitude, and desire to learn will be very beneficial to me in the Accelerated BSN program. I am keenly aware that the more I learn, retain, quickly recall, and properly utilize, the better care I will be able to provide with improved outcomes. The love and respect that I have for life and helping others will guide me through the program, help me achieve maximum knowledge, and help me to provide positive outcomes for patients. My prior education as a business major will inspire me to follow my dream of being a leader in the nursing field.