Methodist University Top Questions

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What makes my school unique, and what I think makes it the best is the student to teacher ratio. My largest class these past two semesters has been 30 students, and even then all my teachers have known my name. There is a sense of belonging here that I don't think I would have gotten at a larger institution.


I think that Methodist is unique in its ability to provide an indepth education on many aspects of life, not just the subject matter being taught. The care and attention of all the professors as well as support staff make it easy to navigate the sometimes confusing steps that mut be taken in order to be admitted, register, take classes and so on. From the business office down to the secretaries for individual departments, everyone cares.


Methodist University is different from others because it is a small school were the professors know you by name and know where you are from. Your professors take an active roll in your learning and always want to help. The professors here are very understandable when you have to miss class for a sport as long as you do the work. This is a very hands-on shcool, working with the students and faculty together as one.




Its like a little town.Without crime.We have our festivals,cultural affairs, meetings, and occasional visits from important people. The only difference is there's a curfew and no grocery store,and the majority of the people don't wake up before 10am on weekdays.