Methodist University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


There is nothing wrong with Methodist University. I do not have anything I could call "the worst" thing about my school. If I absolutely had to choose one thing it would most likely again be the tutition cost being too high.


the worst thing about my school is the cost, i almost was not able to come back this semester because it was so expensive, luckily i got an RA position and was able to come back. but overall i love everything about this campus it is perfect for me. the roads and buildings seem kind of old though and could use some work but other than that there is nothing i strongly dislike.


no greek life and dry excitement for athletics


MU has no school spirit. Some teams are favored more than others but that should not even matter. Parents and alumni are the only ones at the games, the pep rallys are not long enough to really get excited about an upcoming game, and there just doesn't seem to be very much excitement when it comes to supporting the teams at this school.