Methodist University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I think the best thing about my school are the small class sizes. It allows me to interact with more people and for the most part I have those same people in my classes for the remainder of my time at the school. These people I meet in my classes allow me to bounce ideas off of them and it makes it easier to comprhend the information I am being taught.


Methodist is great because it has a small class size with professors who care. This allows a more individual attention and a great learning environment for difficult subject matter. In addition to the small class size there is a greater relationship and bond created among the students, allowing for a more intimate and personal college experience.


The best thing about Methodist University is how the professors here really want to make sure you are learning and understanding the material. The class sizes are small, which makes for a more intimate learning experience. I have found that I am more comfortable asking questions in class because of the small classes. It is easy to find people to study with because you are able to meet other classmates and get to know them in the time you spend with them. This makes for an easy way to get involved in the happenings around campus as well.


Methodist University has the best student environment. Everyone, including the staff members are friendly, energetic, and passionate at the University. They strive to achieve thier goals, and strive to be helpful and kind to eachother. Our international program is really what sets this school apart from other schools, it shows that we are not afraid to be diverse and open to other cultures, religions, etc. Methodist University wants everyone to succeed and our student body really shows that spirit through abd through! I am honored to be attending this school. My experience so far has only been a posotive one.


The Meal plan is the best thing about the school that like alot. Students recieve prepaid dollars to student cards every beginning of the semester.


The small class sizes, as well as the friendly and helpful faculty and students are the best here at Methodist University! The campus is small and everyone knows everyone else by name. It is like a tight-knit community.


Small class sizes and availablity of your professors


The ability to play a sport and do the things required in my major without punishment is definitely one of the best qualities at Methodist University.


It is a smaller private campus. I think it is best for me because I grew up in a smaller community and it feels more comfortable to me. It is easy to recognize people, easy to find everything and very easy to feel at home.