Metropolitan Community College Area Top Questions

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Metropolitan Community College is unique because not only does it offer a cheaper education, it has more diversity in age groups for students. As well as it does have many students who are proud to attend the college, even though it's a commuinity college it has plenty of school spirit.


Metropolitan Community College is a diverse 2-year school with people from many different areas of the world. It is low-key and draws professors that range from near Noble Prize winners to young and ambitious men and women.


Metro Community College is unique because it is a community college that is continually expanding. There are multiple classes throughout the Omaha area and even in Fremont. This is nice because it allows the student to choose where they want to take their classes you can have different classes at different campus' whatever is more convienent for the student they make that happen. The other nice thing about Metro is that most of the core classes that you take are very transferable to other schools, so your not wasting time if you plan on transfering.