Metropolitan State University of Denver Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school is one of wonder, enlightment, and enjoyment.


Metro is an amazing school!


A downtown mix of art, culture and ethnicities on a campus with new, vibrant architecture and beautiful, wide-open, green spaces and sweeping views of the Colorado Rockies, alongside the neverending business and bustling chaos of life in an urban setting.


My school is underrated. It has some of the best programs in the nation and it's a great value. Class sizes are small and professors are extremely helpful.


Denver is busy and bustling, lots of things to do and different people to see!


Metro State does a good job of caring for the students and their needs., whatever they may be.


This is a school on the verge of out growing its original mission, or is beginning to lose sight of it.


My school is a place with an ability to allow students to create a schedule that adapts to their lifestyles. There is always help available to ensure that each student is on track for the job of their choice.


I feel the kind of person that should attend Metropolitan State College of Denver is a person that enjoys the city life, but yet very serious about their futures and education.


My school is very diverse in age, race, gender, etc, its great to see that in a school and in society.


Metro State is the best choice for independent people who are serious about getting an education. The professors will help you through the process of transitioning to a college lifestyle, getting a great education and finding a job after graduation.


Metro is a culturally diverse school with many different courses of study. It is the perfect school for anyone who is not sure exactly what they want to do, or for someone who's major does not fit within the boundaries of the normal coursebook.


My school is on a comuter campus in downtown denver and offers the best type of education possible.


I love that my school is located in Downtown Denver, making it urban, diverse, and accessible by lightrail.


Least expensive, career oriented school in colorado with helpful small classes


A melting pot for all diversities in lifestyles, learning interests, and backgrounds.


A great state college that provides many people in the community the opportunitie to achieve their goals in an educational setting aswell as goals of working in their dream career.