Metropolitan State University of Denver Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


This school is best known for its ever growing social work program, its diverse population, and its liberal students.


Metro is most known for being a university that has decently priced tuition and being a commuter campus.


MSCD is best known for the fact that it offers an extremely good education for a good price. This means that there are all ages that attend this school and group of educators that really focus on the educational process.


My school is best known for it's diversity and quality of education despite the low tuition


Attending college is not an easy task. Metro State College targets a diverse population of people and is well known for that. The school has programs beneficial to both the working professional and economically or educationally disadvantaged students. It seems that many of the students attending have had challenges that prevent them from attending a traditional university. However, the staff at Metro State supports transitioning students financially and academically so that all can be successful. They work directly with several community colleges and local universities to that transferring credits is seemless. Metropolitan State College defines school and student partnerships.


My school is a commuter college that helps students in all walks of life obtain their degree.


My school is best known for its accessible location and a quality education at an affordable price.


Metropolitan State College of Denver is best known for it's athletic programs, most notably, the women's soccer and men's basketball teams. Academically, they are best known for their teacher education, liberal arts and science programs.


Metropolitan State College of Denver is best known for their multicultural education, their faculty that works in the same field they teach, and for the diversity of the student body.


I will be starting at Metropolitan State College of Denver beginning on the 23 of August 2010. It will be my first semester there as I completed my associates degree at a local community college also in Denver. While I am sure I will get to know what they're really known for much better once I'm there; I believe Metro State College is best known for providing students with an opportunity to learn and become who they aspire to be in this life. All while doing so in a very centrally located, beautiful downtown Denver campus!


Students being able to go to school close to family. The ability to stay close and be near the city they grew up in. This school is not for kids that want to join frats/serorities and bindge drink would most likely prefer a different school. Metro is for the students that wants to get their degree, not drink their way through college.


It is best known for its educators, who are primarily professionals working in their fields. The new Science Department is the most awesome of any 4 year college I know of.


The school is best known for being one campus and having three different schools in the same area. (CCD, Metro and UCD) . It is also known for having flexible schedules that fit peoples daily life schedules.


First of all Metro State College of Denver (MSCD) is known for its size, boasting of the second largest attendance of students of any other college in the state of Colorado. Other than that the current Student Union of the school was an operating brewery for many years and still has a small operation going on today. MSDC also is known for its high graduation class of Chicano students in addition to their womens soccer team and mens basketball team.


I would say my school is best known for its diversity of students.


I would have to say that Metro is best known for being a campus in the center of downtown where the majority of students are transfers. Also it is known that many adults choose to go to Metro to either complete or start their education.


I am not quite sure exactly. I know that we have an awesome theatre program and the education program is one of the best in Colorado.


I would say the two things that Metro is known for is the flight program and the basketball team. the basketball team being a perennial contenders in the RMAC. The flight program is nationally renown as a top tier flight school.


The communitie of Denver has come to reliey on Metro State College of Denver to provide the majority of the Denver public school teachers.


Our school is well known for our Roadrunner mascot and the story behind how our school received the name the Roadrunners. We also seem to have a very good business program from what I've heard.