Metropolitan State University of Denver Top Questions

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I liked that there where two other schools on the campus. I also liked how eclectic the student body was.


Metro's most unique quality is the price, specially when considering the quality of the education offered at the school. Another factor I find enjoyable is the diversity; all ages, races, and classes can be found at Metro. The campus also shares with the campuses of CCD and UCD, which allows students to take classes at one of those two if their desired classes aren't offered.


It is right next to downtown Denver which provided a variety of different of jobs, activities and cultural activities to be apart of.


One thing that is unique about my school would be how diverse it is. There is a little of everyone from everywhere.


What I find most unique about MSCD is the fact that it is located in the middle of the city. This means that all of the cultural advantages that the city offers are right at your fingertips which is very valuble for a college student. I also think that the fact that three different colleges occupy the same campus allows for and incredible amount of diversity that isn't really available at all colleges.


There is nothing that makes this school unique, it is a small college in a medium size city.


Ive heard many Colorado Businesses say they prefer MSCD students over Harvard for Business and Finance Majors and others as well. You can go here and still get into any grad school you want. For example my sister went to MSCD and got into the number #1 pharmacy school in the nation when she graduated. Expect to work harder here than other schools but you usually play real hard too (when you can). Go Roadrunners!


I think that Metro is a very unique school because it is on a tri-institutional campus ( it is on the same campus as the Community College of Denver and The University of Colorado-Denver) and it is in the center of Downtown Denver. The urban-setting allows for a lot of diversity and a lot of options for different activities to get involved in.


Metropolitan State College is unique compared to others in the sense that they are a 4 year higher education institution offering students the opportunity to better themselves through pursuing their education, and they're not a university. While I don't feel there's anything wrong with universities, I just can't afford them.. I can hardly afford Metro! Where I am going with this is that Metro is unique in being a $ year school which doesn't charge an arm and a leg for school like most of the universities do.


The small class sizes (20-30) allow more access to professors. The compact campass is easy to navigate and is located in downtown Denver. Tuition is noticeably less than other state four year universities. There is a light rail station right at the north end of campass.


The unique aspect of Metropolitan State College of Denver is it's campus as well as cost. The campus has people of all ages that are trying to get there first degreee; it shows complete determination from people of all walks of life. The price is also unique becasue Metro has a very large list of majors and classes to choose from, from aviation to music and everything in between; yet, the school is extremely affordable with great teachers and small classes to give you personal attention.


I think that the nature of campus with all of the diverse people that go the the school is really exciting. So many differnt people and languages from all over the world. I also enjoy the community feel you get from the campus when you are on it because of the seperate building and all of the people that are on the campus at any given time.


What's uniques about Metropolitan State College is that it allows students to stay focused on their achademic goals along with having a campus feel to it. Metro provides a diverse atmosphere. Diversity from age range of students to a variety of ethnicity and cultures. Thus, providing an atmosphere that promotes student communication, growth, group work, in today's ever changing world. Student resources are also easily available and affordable.


Unlike some nearby Universities, Metro is willing to help its students achieve their goals progressively and without overloading the student. Metro is the most diverse and outgoing college providing a broad range of major concentrations ranging from Aviation to unique Custom-degrees. I made the best decision of my life by attending Metro!


Metropolitan College of Denver offers a flexible class schedule for working adults, the classes contain a variety of students each at a different stage in their lives.


My school is very diverse in both age and ethnicity, and my school seems to reach out to anyone who wants to get an education like if they are disabled.


Metro State College demonstrates its unique qualities in its philosophy towards education. It seems to me that the way it stands apart from any other univesity is that the school is seriously concerned with ensuring that each and every student recieves the best education possible. A person is viewed as a student eager to learn not as a cash cow. My personal experience with this came from when I was deciding between schools. I had interviews with both schools and Metro blew me away with the information they presented to me and what they could do for me.


One of the most diverse campuses in the country.


The cost of tuition and quality of education was really the ultimate kicker for me. Our campus is located right in the heart of the city, so commuting is easy, and there is always a bustle going on around you. I feel more motivated being in a working city--seeing the growth happening, and wanting to be a contributing part of it. We also have a pretty new campus. Lots of computer labs, open space, and facilities for every activity and need.