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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


As a commuter student working full time I can't answer this question as I have limited experience with student groups on this campus.




If you are into basketball Metro has a really great basketball team that does very well. We are currently building a football field so when that is finished the school spirit of Metro is going to increase greatly. I am in the hospitality program and there is a great event club called MPI I would definitely recommend.


concerts and sports games


While education and development are the key focus of every student in Metro, clubs, sororities, taking time to relax, arts and culture, etc are also part of the popular activities in school. Off campus, I take time to read and digest taugh materials and if I call other students for party and other fun stuff, they would often say they are busy studying or preparing for exams. Therefore, it becomes difficult to be involved with personal affairs, rather everyone wants to better him or herself by engaging in after school jobs and other extra curriculer activities but not excessive parties or misconduct.


Students are real easy to get along with here. Most students will talk to other students as there really aren’t any cliques. How ever if you want to hangout outside of school then that’s a different story. Since most students work fulltime and go to school fulltime its kind of hard to well...find time. However you are a block away from Denver's Massive and famous bar scene of downtown along with stadiums and an amusement park. This also could have changed since I graduated as they added several dorms including one in a high-rise downtown that is across the street from the Denver Center of Performing Arts. Basically you wont have trouble making friends here and have a smorgasbord of places to go as long as you have the time.