Metropolitan State University of Denver Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Some of the students keep to themselves and don't like to open up to new people.


Location. Metro is located in downtown Denver and I live in Lakewood, it is diffucult to get down there with traffic and navigating downtown.


The worst thing about my school is that I strive to do well and get good grades and try my hardest, however my teachers or peers only care about money, drugs, and sleeping around. The social life was terrible and it was way too expensive for the experience I got.


At the moemnt I wish there would have been dorms. However I realize that they now have many dorms.


Financial aid is very difficult to work with and demanding on their requirements.


The fact that it is a commuter college it is hard to meet people who could become close friends


The Financial Aid Department is very apathetic.


I would have to consider the commuter-school aspect of it the worst thing, because it seems to be that the majority of students I encountered in my classes at Metro are only really interested in acquiring their degrees and moving on, rather than really embracing the college experience and meeting new people.


The worst thing about Metropolitan State College of Denver is the reputation. Among the schools where I was raised, Metro has a reputation as the college for high school dropouts, college dropouts, and other frowned upon individuals. As a result, the students who choose to attend the college are frowned upon regardless their actual situation.


They help that is provided by students who do not know exactly what they are talking about & where everything is. At times it can be a big circle just to get to one place.


The worst thing about my school is that someone was robbed near campus, last week. The robbery wasn't even on campus. I really love Metro State.


The fact that its a communter school is horrible. Its really difficult to make friends and most students there were a lot older than me.


Being on campus when its snowing.


Parking is expensive. Due to the small class sizes some classes fill up quickly and are hard to get into.


The school is non traditional and none of the students live on campus. It can be difficult to make friends, find study partners, or feel comfortable at the campus. Part of college is the experience outside of the classroom and not living on campus takes away from the experience of networking and college life.


The worst thing about my school is the fact that it is a commuter college. It makes it much harder to meet people and I want a typical college experience. At Metropolitan State College of Denver you don't get that university type of experience, you don't live on campus and it's in the middle of a rather large city.


Parking. I go to a State school in downtown Denver, and the school itself is great. Parking, however is a nightmare, and it's expensive (at least, to this student, it's expensive). The lots have meters that do not accept credit/debit cards and will not take bills larger than $10. I am not one that likes to carry cash, so when I go to the ATM and get cash, the machine dispenses a $20. This forces me to make an extra stop in order to get change for parking, wasting valuable time.


Actually, the campus is great! There is a lot of diversity, so going to Metropolitan State College of Denver you are exposed to the real world while in school. There are a lot of people that tend to smoke, but that is really it. Everyone for the most part is friendly.


General first impressions are thatr the classrooms are out dated and in poor shape. This is probably due ot the extensive size of the school and the constant use and abuse by the students. .


Because there are three schools on campus, it can get crowded and chaotic - particularly in the middle of the day. This can make the school seem intimidating and confusing; it can make changing classes difficult and frustrating. Also, because of the sheer numbers, parking on campus is exasperating and very difficult.


There seems to not be many available school related clubs. The only one I want to join in on but I can't due to schedule conflicts. I would love to be in a business related group which dicusses current related business topics and there is not one available to me.


When I attended Metro, one of the worst things about it was the limited parking. It has been a few years since I attended, so this might have sinced changed. Also, a determining factor in attending Metro is student/ teacher ratio. The classes I attended at Metro were large and didn't allow you to develop a relationship with the professor. However, I considered the fact that Metro's tuition is reasonable, and I believe you get out of the class in reflection to what effort you put into it, no matter how large the class.


I think there should be more structure to how classes get set up and such. Even with academic advisors it's hard for me to stay on track when there is no structure to certain programs. They give you class lists and recommended courses but I think there should be a more indepth outline for students.


I cannot think of anything bad I have experienced or observed on campus or relating to the college itself.


The worst thing about the school i am attending is the fact it is a commuter school and that makes it more challenging to get to know the other students.


I personally feel that most frustrating challenge at Metro State is remedial classes and prerequisites. I completely understand that with out remediation in topics other than your own concentration, you wouldn?t be well rounded. However, I feel requiring students to take dozens of General Studies classes, while paying full price for these classes is nonsense. It's especially difficult considering that we generally have no interest in the class being taught, and this only adds to the challenge. Nearly every college operates this way, but maybe its time we take a look at the system and change it.


I would consider the fact that Metropolitan State College of Denver is a commuter school is the worst thing about the school. I consider to be the worst factor because it makes it difficult for students to find friends that live close. Because everyone lives in different parts of Colorado it can be extremely difficult to find someone who lives near you and can help you study and adjust to college life.


The worst thing about Metro State College is its lack of courses offered in the subject area of electrical engineering. They also lack renowned faculty that are dedicated to high standards in the electrical engineering department.


The worst thing I have experienced so far at Metro is how hard it is to make friends. I live at home and commute to school, so it is hard to get to know people. I believe that having people to discuss classwork with is very important. There have been many times when I have been stuck on a paper or a study guide for a class, and have nobody to consult (other than emailing the teacher). Getting involved and putting yourself out there and talking to people is a necessity.


I think the school would be better off with a wider variety of varsity sports for men and women. Even though its not directly related to the school itself, but the process of receiving funds from loans is a tedious and lengthy process. I think money should be easier to receive in order to be able to further ones education.


It's on the same campus with 2 other colleges so it's really really big