Metropolitan State University of Denver Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Seems like a great place to be. I felt really comfortable going in rather than be nervous.


MSU Denver is actually a terrific school and well designed for career changers like myself as well as traditional students who want an urban experience, with good class sizes and approachable faculty and staff. The minute I contacted the School of Education, faculty and staff were friendly, professional and willing to walk me through processes to get started. Now closing on my final semester of coursework, I can tell you that the campus is convenient, the coursework is rigorous and the faculty are accommodating even someone like me who still works full time. I highly recommend MSU Denver to anyone who is looking for a great education that fosters your own intellectual potential.




I am a junior at MSU Denver and I never want my college years to end. Metro is an affordable, diverse, and beautiful school. I started at Metro in 2012 and I have really watched it grow from a college to a university. We are currently building a football stadium close to campus and people are growing interest in attending MSU Denver. I know over the next few years Metro will grow to be a huge, well-known university like CSU and CU boulder. The thing I like the most about MSU Denver is the fact that it is literally in the heart of downtown Denver. Campus is just a few blocks from 16th st., there are many light rails and buses that make commuting a common thing for students to do. I highly recommend MSU Denver to anyone interested in schools in Colorado.


Although this campus is small, people here are not. The teachers and students alike all strive for the best experience at college and you will obtain long lasting memories at your time here.


I am not in support of three schools in the same complex sharing certain amenities, "buildings" together. In my opinion, it is a bad function of control. It also creates loop holes in school security and it encourages over crowding and unwanted movements of students at certain locations. In support of my statement, last year alone, three female students where raped, but no one was caught. It became even more problematic for security personels to determine who committed these crimes as they can not say if the offenders are students from Metro or CSU or Auroria. If these schools are on there onw, with their own buildings, spaced apart and dedicated to themselves in a wide geographical location seperated clearly from one another, then I think people would not wonder which school did what especially if it comes from their teritory. However, I am proud of the academic standards of the school and the achievements from students. I am amazed at the high level of dedication students put in studying and preparing for exams. More amazing is the desire to attain to great academic performance. Hence the administrative staff, academic staff and every other team involve in the managerial process is really working hard to keep things in shape. The complain they have is that of finance from the state government to the school, and that is why I think all three school are packed together in one location.


Its a large school (20k plus) that shares its campus with UCD and CCD (University of Colorado Denver and Community College of Denver) so there are really over 40k students on campus. But don’t worry your class size is still 25-35 (unless your taking intro to psychology or some real high demand class then 100+) Most students work full time and go to school full time. This lowers the "party" atmosphere to almost nothing. I did both when I went here so was lucky to go out twice a week. This may seem bad to you but as most students finish school without work experience they are less preferred for jobs than a student who has work experience. I graduated right when the economy started to tank and was turning down real job offers while other students from CU and DU were getting jobs at Target. So it pays off.