Metropolitan State University of Denver Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anybody. As long as they're ready to meet friendly people and prepared for all the school activities.


The kind of person that should attend this school should be an open minded one. The reason for that is because this campus is full of diverse cultures. The person that chooses to attend this school should be willing to welcome others and expect a friendly smile from their peers. Also, this person should be expected to engage in challenging and intellectually stimulating discussions with the professors they choose to attend with. The person that should attend Metro must have a positive personality as well as a willingness to grow and learn.


any kind of person. metro is very diverse and has lots of different types of people!


MSU Denver is a great place for everybody! There is a huge diversity in age, race, previous education, and more; the classes are small; it is relatively affordable; it is in a great location; and the environment is always friendly and welcoming.


People who are dedicated to learning and becoming useful members of society and want more to life than what others have given them should become students at Metropolitan State College of Denver.


I do not know what type, all types of students attend this school. They usually are waiting to get in to another school.


Economically disadvantaged.


SOmeone who is liberal minded, and likes the city, as well as likes a wide range of diversity, and does not mind social programs like recylcing progrmas and so on. The programs are good no matter what your sight on life is but people are pretty active in enviromental efforts.


I feel the kind of person that should attend Metropolitan State College of Denver is a person that enjoys the city life, but yet very serious about their futures and education.


Someone how is looking to better them self. They need to be willing to learn and study. Someone willing to make a make a change in thier life.


The kind of person who should attend this school is a kind of person who enjoys the city, and a kind of campus which allows many kinds of people from many ages to attend with numerous options of what kind classes you wish to take as well as a lot of different times.


Anyone who needs to finish their degree or better their life and career through education. Most of the students who go to Metro are transfer students, like myself. It truly is a place where you are surrounded by people who want to help you succeed.


The optimistic and hard-working student should attend the Metropolitan State College of Denver.


The typical students at Metropolitan State College of Denver are straight out of high school such as myself or are professionals that have returned to school. Most of the students at Metro are very career oriented and are not the typical partying college students. Students need to be responsible and understand that they need to be serious with their school work in order to succeed in school.


Metro State College of Denver is well suited for working adults who are serious about their career and education and are interested in furthering their academic standings so that they may become more well-educated professionals. Individuals who attend Metro appreciate the value of an educated staff that they can easily work closely with to promote their career development and provide them with great resources for ensuring that they are pursuing a proper career path and academic focus.


The person that should attend Metropolitan State University is someone that accepts responsibility for their own future. There is plenty of assistance although you have to allow yourself to find help when needed. Being that this university is a commuter college, you may have to get used to traveling a ways to attend. We have a relatively small campus located in downtown Denver where the city life is in full swing. It is a faster pace that can shock individuals who are not used to metropolitan areas.


Business people, aviation people or artistic people.


Someone who can't afford a major university but still wants a pretty good education. Also, someone who needs a flexible school schedule to meet your work demands.


One of the greatest qualities of this school is its diversity. Anyone who wants to get a great education while being in the very heart of urban Denver, while at the same time not spending very much to do so should pick this school.