Metropolitan State University of Denver Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Anyone that doesn't plan on taking in the whole college experience such as attending sports games or even special events.


MSUD is a very diverse and liberal campus. Students attend this school from the community and primarily come from lower to middle class families. I would not recommend attending this school if you are very conservative, discriminatory, or hold beliefs/views that do not coincide with equality/freedoms for all.


A person looking for a traditional college experience with dorms, fraternities and sororities, and lots of social interaction on or near campus might be a little disappointed by this school.


The kind of person that should not attend Metro State is a non-social person. The school is in the middle of Denver and there are two other colleges on the same campus so there are a ton of students that attend.


I don't believe there is any reason why someone should not attend Metropolitan State College of Denver since it is a good school. The only types of learners that I can think of who may not want to physically be on campus are those who prefer online classes. I am not sure if online classes have increased since I attended. The only other constraint that I can think of would be one's inability to financially afford the tuition or the books and have no access to financial aid for any reason.


Someone who wants to party and get away from home. It's not your typical "party school".


Any person that is not comfortable with big amounts of people everywhere you go on campus, should not attend Metro. Anywhere you go you will always find people there; laying on the grass, on the benches, on the floor, in the classrooms, in computer labs, etc. And if you are not a city person, do not attend Metro. It is located Downtown and Metro itself is like a city.


People who have a hard time making new friends. Metro is a 4 year college but it is a commuter school and people are really busy so its really hard to make friends sometimes, everyone is really nice just busy.


Someone who may be used to a small school setting. While getting one on one attention in most classes, the campus is big, it is comprised of three different schools.


I think that really anyone could attend this school and find something they like about it.


Someone that is looking for a smaller college that has a strong sense of community shouldn't attend this school. Most of the students are working adults returning to college to get their degree without giving up the rest of their life. Because of the transient nature of the student body, there seems to be less "campus life". Someone looking for a strong community would be very disappointed.


That is difficult to answer because there is such a variety of people here. Perhaps those that prefer a smaller campus may want to go elsewhere.


The lack of student involvement in campus organizations is one of the most frustrating thing about my college.


Its a good school


People looking for the traditional college experience.