Metropolitan State University of Denver Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Be sure to remained focused even when there are lots of distractions!


I wish I would have known how difficult online classes were.


The thing that i wish i had have know before i came to this campus was that it is located right where traffic in Denver gets the worst. This means that no matter what time of day you have class, there will be lots of traffic to deal with whil trying to get to school. Also there is no free parking, and the cheepest that i have been able to find is 2.50 for the day, while not bad i wish i had have been informed about this before i decided to commute with a car to the campus.


It may have been helpful for me to have known the details of the transferability and relevance (with regards to other 4-year institutions) of the courses that are a part of Metro's undergraduate curriculum.


I wish I would have known more about the available scholarships and grants here.


I honestly believe that there is really nothing about George Fox University that I wish I would have known. I believe that this college was perfect for me. I would have to say the only thing I wish I would have been taught during high school though is how to actually study. My high school was a total joke in the studies compared to college.


I wish i had known that college in general is a whole different experience, and basically a culture shock.


The unique aspect of Metropolitan State College of Denver is that it is a commuting school. There are no dorms on campus and the student’s travel from all over the state to attend the college. The student population is extremely varied which was my favorite part and the ages of the students ranged from 18 to 50's. The variations of age were wonderful because we learned from all different perspectives, which widened our knowledge base. It was not your "typical" college experience, but this college provided me an amazing education with an extraordinary experience.


I wish I'd known that majoring in music is a full time job, even when you're attending classes part time. The hardest part of going back to school has been time and money. I am a single, piano teacher, supporting myself through school while maintaining a teaching studio. It has been very difficult to keep up with my studies and practice schedule while maintaining a teaching studio to support myself. A scholarship would eliminate some of the financial strain and allow me to focus more on my studies and practicing.


Before going into Metro I wished I knew how expensive it was going to be. Also how different the classmates were going to be compared to a regular school where young people are studying. The school has a lot of young students but half of this people are not very young so it makes it a little bit intimidating or uncomfortable .


I wish I would have known that you pay for printing paper in your tuition, it would have saved me a whole lot of money.


I wish their was more information on what careers or places of business take or even want certain degrees. It gives a great example to know what you're working very hard for is valued somewhere you decide as a career. It would have been nice to also know more about Financial Aid and how to receive aid. As a full-time student and full-time worker it is very difficult to do both, time management would have been very helpful.


I wish that I had known how to get around the campus more. There are a lot of buildings and within the buildings you can get lost very easily. I also wish that I had known the best places to park or the best ways to commute to campus.


I wish I had known how important a college education would be in my life. It is not just a financial thing, either. Rather for me, I could have been teaching a long time ago. To be a teacher and really impact the lives of the "at-risk" youth whom I once was... I can only imagine the difference a real diploma and a college education could have made for me and countless other children.


I wish I knew what it took to get into that music program there. They were very vague at the open house how to get into the classes and I'm currently thinking about changing my major to music so that is vital information.


Before I started school, I wish I would have had a better idea of what I wanted to do with my education, future and career. For instance, if I had been more proactive in my research I could have more carefully choosen my general courses prior to college. This would have allowed me to pick a better transistion into my desired graduate school.


I wish that I had been better at time management before I had started attending college. At Miami University, I had trouble (like many entering freshmen) adjusting to the schedule of college life. After my freshman year, I had a very low GPA and was placed on academic probation. After freshman year, I worked dilligently to correct this behavior. I attended summer classes to make up for lost time. I managed to fully correct this problem, made the Dean's list four semesters, and salvaged my college career. All this while working at a job 30-40 hours per week.


I wish i had known before I came to this school that the yearly tuition cost of a school does not necessarily make it a great school. Before attending Metro i went to college at the University of Northern Colorado. Tuition at UNC was almost 14,000 dollars a year. Although the tuition was very high at UNC i never felt like i belonged there or felt like i was special to the school. Once moving to Metro (with a tuition of about 5000 dollars) i felt as if i could truly be myself.


I wish I had known what I wanted to be so that I could more specfic about my plan. That way I would be graduated by now.


The rate of sucessful completion of graduration


Before attending Metropolitan State University I wished I would've known what professors were dedicated to teaching their individual subjects. I made a mistake by not researching my professors before signing up for my classes and ended up struggling through a few of my classes. The idea that you "take a professor and not the class" is very true for me. I also wished I would've known how strict professors are about their out-of-class advising times. Metro. St. University is a commuter college so you really have to pay attention to advising hours.


How big the campus was, and how spread out the classes can be.


I wish I had known that I would actually learn something--school is more than just jumping through hoops to earn a degree. I also did not appreciate how much I would learn about learning, not just about the subject matter.


I wish i had known the language classes they had available.