Metropolitan State University of Denver Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Metro just became a university, it has a great academic program and is expanding and growing. My mom attended Metro as well, she got her degree in History and Political Science.


I love Metro it is a very good school and they have some amazing teachers. If you cant get into a college that you want right away because either you missed the deadline or just didn't have the grades at the time I recommend trying to get into Metro and then transferring over. Metro is a very good school even if you dont plan on transferring it offers just as many options to you as a bigger named school does and provides just as good of an education.


The best thing about my school is the moutains and the unlimited amounts of activities you can do outside after school


MSU Denver is a wonderful place to explore what you want to do. The university offers classes in virtually any program, making it easy to discover what you really love to do. The classes are small, allowing professors to be more available for extra help. Professors are highly educated in their area, giving the best education to every student. Everyone is welcoming and friendly and the atmosphere is relatively relaxed.


Good education and affordable tuition.


Metro State College must be one of the most accepting and accomodating schools in Colorado. The school campus is located in the heart of Downtown Denver and is easily accessible from the light rail station. This allowed for great cultural diversity. In addition, the class schedules allowed for a multitude of students to attend. I was a single parent when I started the teacher education program and attending college full-time was not easy. The small class size and personal attention from professors accelerated my learning and helped me succeed. You could say it the school of the working class.


Small classes, access to Downtown Denver


The diversity of the school is a wonderful experience, because you get to meet all kinds of people. Sometimes we get so used to our own "kind" of people that we forget there is others out there, that although they look different, we are all the same in so many ways. Being a student at Metro will remind you day by day that we are all equal, and we all deserve equal opportunities, and equal treatment. Seeing the diversity so often, will get you "used" to people that do not look like you do, it's awesome.


The cost of getting a quality education is less at Metro. The lower cost of tuition makes it possible for all to attend.


The best thing at my school would be the hands one learning. This is the best because you get to learn what you would be doing in the real world.


Everyone on the campus works hard to help you out. The people are very friendly and patient when you need help. I feel confident in the answers I get and I know that if someone does not know the answer they will talk to the appropriate person who does.


The best thing about Metropolitan State College of Denver is the price. It is a completely affordable four year college that not only has division two athletics but great academic programs and opportunities. I have also attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas and found that metro not only saved me money, but gave me as good, if not better education than a university.


The best thing about Metropolitan is since its a smaller college the teachers can work one on one with the students, helping them pass their classes to a bright futur.


I love how diverse my campus is. Not only are there people from different countries, ethnicities, and backgrounds, but there are people who are in their 30s, 40s, and 50s as well. The faculty and staff are way more supportive than I could ever have imagined.


I think the best thing about my school are the professors. I think they really care and want all their students to suceed. The staff is approachable, they challenge us, and they truly enjoy what they do.


I enjoy the large sprawling campus and easy to access public transportation.


The best thing about Metro State College of Denver is the quality of education received for the price and convenience. Students can get a high quality education for a great price right in downtown Denver. I will get a Bachelor's degree in computer science from Metro State to help propel me into a graduate program where I can pursue a Master's degree in the same field. And the total cost will be about 10% of what it was when I was attending Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. This $5,000 sholarship would nearly pay for my whole degree.


The best thing at my school would have to be the accesibility to my professors. Many larger universities do not allow students to interact with their professors the way that students can interact with their teachers at metro. I like the small class sizes at Metro which I believe is a huge contributor to the availability of help from professors. There are many great aspects of Metro but being able to reach my teachers when I need them and having them respond to me in a timely manner is huge for me as a student.


I thoroughly appreciate that Metro promotes the highest capability for early graduation by making full-time studentship a flat rate. Once students hit the 12 credit full-time status, their tuition stops accumulating further fees. This promotes the ability for a serious working adult to graduate as early as they possibly can and begin generating an income as soon as possible. Metro promotes livelyhood and encourages a speedy success to its students.


The best thing about Metro State College is its small class sizes and ease of enrolement. Many schools make it very difficult just to gain admittance but Metro tries to make it as easy as possible. The small class sizes make the learning experience very interactive, allowing for in class questions and responses.


There were mostly good instructors (one I'll never forget), and the curriculum was interesting.


Aside from the huge local network of graduates, the name recognition, and being the absolute best academic "bang for my buck" in the state, I really feel that Metro has an open, friendly, and diverse campus and study body. International students, transfer students, non-traditional students, and professors alike, all make up a really unique place where learning is done outside of the classroom as well as inside.


The professors are always there to help the students and make sure that they are on the right track to success.