Metropolitan State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Metropolitan State University? Why?


Text book rental would've been nice, pay a flat rate for your books and if you damage them then you pay for them.


Theres only one food place in our school and its terrible.


This really is not a bad thing. But currently we don't have any sports teams. Of course I'm too old to play sports anyway. I just know from past experiences, that people really rally around sports teams and it builds moral amongst the students.


Many of the classes, though required, are not offered enough and course that are supposed to be taken simultaneously are often scheduled during the same timeslot (taking into account that I am an evening class student).


It was difficult to meet new people, and work in groups, because the school met once a week and did not have on campus living.


I have not began my classes yet, I start spring semester. However, the worst thing about the school has to be the location. It is located on a back road at the top of a hill, in a subdivision. It makes parking almost impossible during the school year and also makes the campus much nosier than it should be.


We have three campuses, in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. I would love to have all my classes and professors located within a 3 mile campus.


The only thing I would complain about are the different campuses. I don't like driving out to the Minneapolis Campus...I wish there was a central location for all classes. Also, I don't like paying for parking every week. It would be nice if there was a parking permit you could purchase each year or semester.