Metropolitan State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I have had some incredible teachers who come to the classroom with a plethera of real world experience, which they are able to pass onto their students. Most, but not all, of my teachers have been supportive of me and my grueling work schedule and have been open to working with me and trying to make me as successful as possible. Most of my teachers have been very informative about the programs available at Metropolitan State and have been able to answer many of my questions.


The best thing about Metropolitan State University is the diverse relationships between professor and students. They understand where you are coming from because they have been there. This is a huge advantage for students as they are able to better the academic performances with one on one assistance. Other Institutions lack a community where students and educaters can come together and get the help that is needed for success.


The teachers are very helpful and knowledgable about the subject they teach because they present us with case studies and we analyze from them.


The professors are not only speaking from a book, they also speak from experience.


Metropolitan State is geared towards working class families who want to contine their education and finish degrees or if new high-school students going to college, it for students who want small classes, one on one attention with professors and classes that coincide with working schedules. The greatest thing about this college is that every professor I've have or had is my friend. They absolutely care about my education and success. When their is a problem with assignments, they understand because they've been there.


It allowed me to be able to work full time and complete my degree. It was imperative for me to be able to support myself while attending school.


The flexible schedules they offer is a great thing for me becuase I have to work on top of going to school. I also like that they hold classes in 3+ locations. That also makes for flexible options in the scheduling.


The best thing about my school is the emphasis on the urban community. I am in the Urban Teacher Program for mathematics and I am learning in every education class that I take about the importance of building a stronger community and specific strategies for helping people that may need special attention, such as English Language Learners. It is very rewarding to know that I will not only graduate with an education degree, but with as specialization for teaching those in an urban setting.