Miami Dade College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I don't brag about anything since a lot of people go here. At the most I may brag about a specific professor


I don't spend a penny on my classes and almost always get financial aid money back.


It is very career oriented and you focus on your major


Miami Dade College has been given a bad reputation for several year. this is very unfortunate because it is actually a very good school and i always tell other this. not only is it very affordable and convenient but also has numerous knowledgeable professiors who are experts in their field as well as teaching. but one of the biggest clinchers is that miami dade college is very affordable in relation to other schools nationally.


The MDC is flexible and dynamic in the way their classes are offer. Instead of just listen to a lecture, estudent get to network with class mates and to interchange ideas and discuss the topics from different perspectives.


I always like to brag to my friends about m school how good I am doing. I also like to share how good the classes are and the support that I get from the school's staff.


Our class sizes are small and never more than thirty people. They're also diverse. MDC has students from every facet of life: recent high school graduates, new parents seeking a better life for their child, or the middle-aged looking to go back to school. It's a place for opportunity.


I am currently attending Western Governors Online University but previously in Miami Dade College. I absolutely love the diverity of Miami Dade's student population; from Hispanic to Asian and everyone in between. The cultural insight and practices that are shared amongst classmates is not something that can easily be taught and utterly understand by simply picking up a book. Afterall, education is about understanding, not just memorizing things. What better way to understand about life than by talking to people of different nations. As a student, I have learned vast knowledge by interacting with others in an educational setting.


I dont brag about school. Going to school is like going to work.


I tell my friends that the MDC campus is clean, beautiful, and very modernized. I encourage them to sign up for classes at my campus, which is Kendall. I describe the learning environment and how down to earth and accessible the professors at the college are. I share with them my volunteer and clinical service hour experiences and tell them that it is helping me better understand my coursework as well as prepare me for my future position in the workforce. I tell them about all of the resources available, like the Single Stop, computer courtyard, and financial aid counselors.


I tend to brag about the cleanliness of the school and my professors. The school always looks nice and the enviornment is calming which makes everyone around happy and comfortable. I believe that the surrounding enviornment is important, I believe it affects the way you feel when you walk into a class. I am in the nursing program and I feel I have an amazing nursing faculty behind me. They are supportive with everything and always go the extra mile. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't have made it this far. I owe them a lot.


I usually have to pay a fraction of what my friends are paying for school. While they are paying upwords $5000 a semester, I've been paying close to $200 after scholarships. And all this, for the EXACT same education and classes. Nobody cares where you take College Algrebra at or Humanities; you really shouldn't start wasting so much money...well, untill you're forced to take higher education courses.


Miami Dade College is the best option to have your first two years of college since it is somewhat cheaper than other University.It has great proffesors,great spirit, a good environment, and the students are very friendly.


Small classes


When I tell my friends about school, I tell them is a very good college and that the teachers are very nice and comprehensive , and they help you a lot in anything they can, and you actually learn. Teachers also care about your future just like the staff and faculty. Financial Aid advisors and other advisors are very helpful, and they hear what you have to say. Also, there are a lot of opportunities to do your homeworks and everything if you dont have a computer at home there's plentys of computers in the college.


That my classes are taught by well-prepared professors and they are preparing me to be a successful professional in the future. Also, i manage to fit my classes at a time that is perfect for me to do everything else, including work and other activities. The campus is not far from my house, which saves me gas and time.


When I am bragging about my school it is to tell my friends that they should have come to Miami Dade because I am taking the same university classes at my school for a lessen price. This means that if they had come they would not have been in debt already as freshmen. I also brag about being able to pay off all my expenses such as tuition, classes, and books. Which my financial aid pays, I receive a refund check that I can spend as I please.


That it might not be the big name university but its still a school and just as many people that go there just as much as any other college and its close to home so i dont have to pack up and leave.


I brag about the convenience of the online course offerings for the general education requirements. Courses that most enrolled students take to satisfy a general education requirement (e.g. ENC1101 to satisfy writing requirement for graduation) are great ways to move forward towards graduation without having to rearrange your entire schedule to accomodate satisfying non-core requirements. Many people I know cannot graduate on time because the one course they have yet to take is not offering a class time that fits their schedules that semester. So they wait to graduate until next semester. I like having the online option.


Things that I brag about the most when I tell my friends about my school is that: Miami Dade College is an awesome school to attend. It is a great place to meet new people, experience new things, and maximize your potential. Miami Dade College has so many resources that it is quite easy to pass all of your classes if you use the appropriate resources. One thing that will seem quite difficult to do at Miami Dade is to not enjoy yourself. You can pretty much see yourself experiencing a semester of a lifetime!


it has a good price compared to other schools


How good I feel studying there.


The one thing that i brag about the most to my friends about my school is how awsome my present and past teachers have been. I mean they really know what they are teaching, and thats what i care about the most; a teacher who knows what they are talking about.


I brag about my school having professors that make their classes interesting and encouraging, this allows students to have a better learning environment.


The classes are a good preparation for the University and it's a friendlier atmosphere with a lot of resources available.


People like to "bad mouth" community colleges, but I am getting a great education at Miami Dade College and I am not going in debt over these first two years of general educaton. The Kendall Campus is a great place where everyone cares about you as a student and a person. Best of all, the faculty take time to get to know you as a person and are willing to help you succeed not only at Miami Dade College, but throught out your career and life.


What I brag the most about Miami Dade College is the fact of all the opurtunities presented to us on a daily basis. Accesibility to different programs and clubs is one thing that will make the your time here flourish. For example im part of the Student Government team in my campus and have became very involved.


I brag about being able to make a better life for myself , have a better carreer, and if one day i was to start a family , being able to support themwith all of thier needs and/or wants.


I brag to my friends about how little gas money I use to get to school and how helpful the professors at Miami Dade College are.


The tuition is much better than 4-year universities in the area. Also, you get to choose to register for classes on different campuses for a change of scenery.


This is the best school under ten thousand dollars a year.


My college experience at Miami Dade has been riddled with eccentric, well-learned professors. Whenever I speak to anyone, regardless of whether they go to a big university or no college at all I try to convey to them how unique and passionate our staff is. The general staff at this college is optimistic as well as well prepared. Some have even, dare I say, change my life. Every professor I have had has embraced the diversity of our campus and catered to each of us individually. For that I am extremely proud.


I can definitively brag about the fact that at MIami Dade College you are part of a family. We have the opportunity to learn about different cultures in and outside of a classroom due cultural diversification between students and staff. In addition, we are able to obtain the best college experience while savings on educational cost and enjoying the flexibility of scheduling classes.


The collage has vey good teachers so far and seem to care that their students that . Also, the fact the collage is a outdoor collage (it's open, withalot of open space betwwen buildings and in the buildings themselves.


When braging about my school i find myself mostly talking about how calm the campus is, and how my school is placed in the center of many shops and restuarants


I mostly mention the professors whenever I'm talking about Miami Dade College. For a school that isn't exactly rated amongst the highest, there is a great number of exemplary professors who do what not many professors from other universities would be willing to do; they are willing to care. If there is a single student struggling with one of their classes, they are willing to take the time and help this student with the material. I can't imagine this kind of dedication anywhere else.


I would say that the teachers at the campus are very helpful. The atmosphere is very interactive between students. I would recommend Miami dade College to anyone coming to Miami to attend a college.


Prestigious faculty and the friendly atmosphere are what I brag the most about Miami Dade College Homestead Campus. Faculty and staff are willing to go the distance for all students regardless of any situation.


The quality I express to my friends the most about my school is how they (the school faculty) are willing to assit one with their major. If one would have a problem with what major to pick or deciding between two or more majors, the school would help them decide based on their qualities and/or trim the list to at least 2 majors and explain to them that one can conclude one is a major and the other as a minor. Moreover, they would help one with the transfer credits in order to get accepted to the desired university.


My school offers its students with an excellent foundation for life. It prepares us and lays the ground work for students that don't want to or can't afford to go to a big university straight out of high school. Miami Dade College provides it students with opportunities to further their educational endevors and that is why I love this school.


I mostly brag about my school's diversity. It amazes me how the students are so dissimilar from one another. You have young kids, old adults, and even those of different ethnicity who all have the same purpose of succeeding in life. The cool part is that even though the students may not look the same through outside appearances, we still look out for one another as if we were all one big family. Another benefit is that since our school is so diverse, you will learn more about other cultures each day; which is always a nice adavantage.


There are lowered tutions compared to the univeristy prices and I beleive one can receive the same level of education.


What I brag about most regarding Miami Dade College, is the opportunities and class it gives each student. Miami Dade College Kendall Campus has wide range of career goals in minde for students. It's technology field is set up to help, enhance and add students in the rights direction. However what I love the most is it's curriculum for the arts. Miami Dade College Fine Arts Program is best I have experience thus far. It's drama, art, speech, religion and many other classes allowing me to obtain me career goals in the future