Miami University-Hamilton Top Questions

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It's got a great school newspaper and it's a very low-key school.


Miami University Hamilton Campus only has a few four year programs. Usually you have to transfer after two years but since I am majoring in Nursing, I can stay at this location at all times. It is about a half hour from my house making it easier to commute as well. There is also a diverse amount of people who attend this college so I am meeting a lot of different people.


This campus is great for the non-traditional student. There are many resourses offered to assist with learning, financial aid and extracirricular activites. There is also a very friendly, social atmosphere. Being a non-traditional student, this campus has been more affordable and accomodating to my educational career than other schools I had considered.


I plan on obtaining my masters degree in Early Childhood Education and I found out that Maimi University had an education program which would fulfill my dream. Unlike other schools I considered, Miami allows me to obtain my degree without having to transfer to another college.