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Miami University-Oxford

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Describe your school to someone who's never heard of it.

Miami University is an incredibly beautiful campus, modeled after a school in Virginia. We have almost all brick buildings, including dining halls, dorm buildings, and buildings for classes. Our streets are lined with trees - it is incredibly traditional-looking. Appearance can be very important in the community, but there is always someone you will connect with! No one person is the exact same on this campus. Our academic portion is insanely competitive and prestigious - you won't regret attending!

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Miami University is in the small town of Oxford, Ohio. Literally surrounded by farmland, Miami seems to appear out of nowhere. This seclusion, however, provides Miami a fine backdrop. Sometimes called the "Harvard of Public Schools," Miami's prestige in academics and tradition rings true. We have a strong background with the Miami Indian Tribe, which led to our Miami name. Proud to call ourselves RedHawks, we aspire to impress academically and socially.

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