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Tell us about the sports scene on campus.

Unfortunately, our sports pride here on campus is at an all-time low, however, there is so much to do as far as participation goes! We have plenty of intramural opportunities, even for Quittich (like Harry Potter!). Also, if you wanted to play professionally for our school, this is an obvious option. We have a program that my boyfriend is apart of that is called Red Alert, which is the marketing club for our sports programs here at Miami. They set up bus rides to go to different schools to watch Miami play and do many other things, too!

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Hockey is what it's all about. We don't have a very good football team, but we have a great hockey team. People will camp outside our hockey rink the night before just to get in for a good seat.

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Hockey, hockey, hockey. Hockey is the biggest sport on campus. I didn't like hockey until i came to Miami. Sports, in general, make up a large part of Miami's social life.

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