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Tell us about your professors.

Overall, our professors are excellent. Most will gladly take time after class for questions, and all have office hours set aside for students weekly. I have had a professor or two who didn't seem too interested in their students. That made class more difficult for sure. In general, however, our professors enjoy teaching. They are passionate about their area of expertise and about passing that knowledge to students. As an example, one of my friends approached his genetics professor at the beginning of the year and explained that he needed to do well in his class in order to improve his GPA and attend dental school. The professor agreed to meet with him weekly, review problems, and even provide extra practice problems. My friend, with this professor's help, was able to earn an A for the class and boost his GPA.

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Professors here on campus can be so incredibly helpful and supportive. Each professor has designated office hours and they even set up appointments if need be. We have an incredibly diverse group of professors with a range of different teaching styles. Every single one of my professors have been some of the nicest people I have ever met, with so much enthusiasm for whatever their specialty is.

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My professors prefer that you call them by their first names. Each of my professors are actively involved in my education and wish to see me do my best. They are easily accessible outside of class and outside of office hours. Most of the Journalism professors give you their cell phones in the syllabus so that you can always reach them.

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